Kitchen Shortcuts For Busy Families

Kitchen Shortcuts For Busy Families

Do you need to​ save some time in​ the kitchen, but are not quite ready to​ tackle a​ lot of​ freezer cooking just yet? Here are some shortcuts that work for my family, and might just fit with your family, too.

Most of​ the meals my family eats start with the basics, like chicken and beef. a​ lot of​ grocery stores lower the per-pound price on meat when you buy in​ larger quantities. I buy 5 pounds of​ beef and 3 pounds of​ chicken at​ a​ time. All 5 pounds of​ beef get thrown in​ a​ pot and cooked while I’m cooking dinner that evening. The chicken also gets diced up and cooked. I then divide the beef into sandwich bags, 2 cups each. The chicken gets divided into approximately 1 ½ cups each. I never thaw out meat in​ advance now, because it​ only takes 4 minutes to​ thaw one of​ our pre-cooked bags in​ the microwave.

As our lives have gotten busier, we have definitely learned to​ simplify our meals. I am the queen of​ one-skillet meals and simple dishes. My family enjoys tacos in​ a​ pan, goulash, macaroni & cheese with hot dogs, and a​ ton of​ other easy dishes. Keep a​ family favorites cookbook, and add to​ it​ when you find any new and easy recipes you would like to​ try. Determine the ingredients that you use on a​ regular basis, and keep stocked up on them.

Make vegetables the easy way. Most dishes are even better when veggies are thrown into the mix. We try to​ eat vegetables every evening, so I have become pretty creative in​ slashing the task in​ half. Don’t be afraid to​ throw vegetables into skillet meals, or​ mix them up with dishes. This will save on washing an​ extra pot. My family just recently discovered steam fresh vegetable bags. They steam in​ the microwave in​ a​ matter of​ minutes, which makes the task of​ adding veggies to​ the menu even easier. Look for them in​ your grocery store’s frozen vegetable isle.

There are plenty of​ ways to​ save you time in​ the kitchen, and spend a​ little more time enjoying meals with your family. Try out different techniques, and stick with what works. You don’t have to​ feel guilty for not making fancy dishes, as​ long as​ your family enjoys what you cook. in​ this day and age, you should feel good about the fact that you are cooking for your family, instead of​ eating out.

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