Kitchen Installation Things To Consider Part Two

Kitchen Installation Things To Consider Part Two

There is​ a​ big choice of​ kitchen flooring options to​ choose from: bamboo floor, walnut floor, birch floor, oak floor. For comfortable kitchen floor installation you may choose engineered wood or​ solid wood.

Such floors are durable and the hardwood floors are more resistant to​ weather and stains, which will make them perfect for the new kitchen floor installation.

Laminate, though sometimes looks like wood, in​ fact is​ a​ synthetic material. Laminate flooring is​ more water resistant than natural wood. But the main advantages are that this flooring is​ very easy to​ install and the material is​ relatively inexpensive compared to​ real hardwood flooring.

Ceramic tile is​ also a​ good material for a​ kitchen flooring, it's hygienic and easy to​ clean. But it​ has also a​ disadvantage: with time the surface may get covered with small cracks as​ it​ is​ not the strongest material.

Walls decoration.
The most common materials for the kitchen walls are tiles, wallpaper and paint.
Paint is​ the cheapest and fastest way to​ renovate a​ kitchen, wallpaper is​ more expensive, but can give just a​ little more character with its large variety of​ patterns. Wallpaper requires special attention. The first hit of​ any kitchen accident - fat splashes or​ steam from a​ boiling kettle - comes to​ the wall paper. The optimal solution here is​ vinyl and washable wallpaper that can endure wet cleaning. Choosing wallpapers and paints for your kitchen walls decoration, make sure the materials are made especially for kitchen use as​ these will be more resistant against humidity and will be easy to​ clean.

Ceiling options.
And finally, the top is​ the ceiling. Naturally it​ should be easy to​ clean and waterproof. The suspended ceiling of​ tiles and rails is​ assembled quickly and easily, it​ allows hiding the communications and setting up the spot lights. Though, the room will lose 7-10 cm in​ height.

Another version of​ the suspended ceiling is​ plasterboard. it​ requires a​ little more effort: after the sheets are installed, they must be plastered and painted. But this material perfectly traps sounds and allows creating any multi-level decor, as​ well as​ allows a​ necessary space for spotlights installation.

Kitchen furniture is​ also an​ important component of​ comfort. Not only the looks of​ the kitchen cabinets but the material they are made of​ are of​ great significance. The frame is​ usually made of​ ÌDF, and "face" of​ more practical - humidity-resistant and easy to​ clean materials. Though it​ can be the same ÌDF, only covered with melamine or​ laminate.

A range of​ kitchen worktops.
The material for a​ kitchen worktop is​ even more important, because this is​ where we cut, mince and chop up. a​ kitchen worktop could be cleaned with a​ damp sponge hundred times a​ day. The more practical it​ is, the more pleasant it​ is​ to​ create culinary masterpieces on it. Keeping your kitchen clean is​ essential to​ keep food safe. Otherwise bacteria can grow and spread. The range of​ styles, colours and materials is​ vast: traditional materials as​ granite, hardwood up to​ modern materials like stainless steel, glass, corian etc.

It is​ possible to​ mix and match worktop materials e.g. put granite where you are likely to​ be preparing food and setting down very hot pans and then laminate or​ wood for the rest. Very practical are kitchen worktops made of​ artificial stones. These look like natural ones and are extremely robust. Regardless its synthetic origin, it's quite an​ ecologically safe material.

And finally, think again if​ all the drawers, shelves and kitchen appliances are placed comfortably. It's known, that if​ the furniture and appliances, worktops are placed irrationally, food preparation, cooking and serving could take a​ few extra kilometers around the kitchen every day. if​ everything is​ in​ the right place, you can save up to​ 60% of​ way and 30% of​ time. a​ kitchen could be divided in​ three "work areas" - preparation, cooking and washing-up. Each area should include all the appliances required as​ well as​ a​ suitable sized work space around it.

Country style, hi-tech, classic - the style of​ your kitchen may vary. Practical, ecologically safe and durable materials, fresh air, in​ short, the climate in​ the kitchen multiplied by your creative approach and ability to​ create comfort will help you to​ build up an​ ideal kitchen. It's much easier to​ complete it​ than it​ may seem at​ first. Today you have all facilities to​ settle beauty and functionality in​ accord under the same roof.

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