Kitchen Gadgets 23

Kitchen Gadgets 23

Kitchen Gadgets
I have to​ make a​ confession .​
I​ am addicted to​ buying things for the kitchen .​
From high tech kitchen gadgets to​ simple accessories, I​ have to​ have them all .​
In my defense, I​ do spend a​ lot of​ time in​ the kitchen and I​ do cook a​ lot so they do get used .​
Fortunately I​ have a​ large kitchen with a​ good work top area and lots of​ cupboards .​
If I​ was dropped on a​ deserted island without any kitchen gadgets, I​ must admit that I​ would probably struggle .​
It's not that I'm spoiled, I​ just love using them .​
My kitchen is​ crammed with the things that I've treated myself to​ and I​ also receive kitchen gadgets as​ gifts .​
It drives my husband mad! There are basic fundamentals that I​ update every so often, such as​ the food processor and deep fryer .​
Now, I'm not saying that an​ ice cream maker is​ essential but it​ is​ fun, as​ is​ the yogurt maker .​
I​ love my bread maker .​
I​ can put the mixture in​ at​ bedtime and wake up to​ the wonderful smell of​ freshly baked bread .​
The only down side is​ that I​ put on weight because the bread is​ so tasty .​
The rice cooker is​ very useful too, no more sticky lumps of​ goo.
I like to​ cook dishes from around the world so my kitchen gadgets reflect that I​ have a​ pasta maker and parmesan cheese shaver .​
I​ also like Chinese food so I​ have a​ non stick wok with all the accessories and a​ bamboo steamer for fish and vegetables .​
Indian food is​ another of​ my favorites and I​ have a​ set of​ Balti cooking pans and bowls .​
Not all kitchen gadgets are the result of​ modern technology .​
One of​ my treasured possessions is​ my granite pestle and mortar .​
It's very efficient for crushing herbs and spices for my curries and I​ think it's just about unbreakable.
My Espresso coffee maker saves me in​ the mornings .​
That's one of​ the things I'd rescue from the house if​ there was a​ fire .​
I​ insist on the best, sharp kitchen knives and I​ have an​ electric knife sharpener .​
My knives sit in​ a​ knife block, including the large meat cleaver .​
I​ also have a​ knife with an​ extra thin blade for slicing salmon and ham .​
My other kitchen gadgets include a​ fruit and vegetable slicer, a​ juicer and a​ salad spinner.
Most of​ my friends grew out of​ the 1970s phase for fondue sets, but I​ still like them and I​ have a​ very nice cast iron one .​
I​ also like to​ make jam from the plums and blackberries that grow in​ my garden .​
I​ have the pan, thermometer and muslin strainer .​
You can't beat a​ good old fashioned egg timer for making perfect eggs .​
Probably the most useful of​ the kitchen gadgets I​ have is​ the bookshelf that holds all my recipe books!

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