Kisho Review

Kisho Review

Now here’s a​ treat for dog-lovers! Author of​ multiple short stories for children, Jarod Twiford, has recently released his first children’s book, Kisho. This story line is​ unique and has an​ ending that readers will not see coming.

Everyone loves a​ hero story. But in​ Kisho, the hero is​ an​ animated animal that is​ not really animated nor is​ he an​ animal! Here we have a​ young boy who privately loves to​ watch animated movies. He undergoes a​ magical transformation into an​ animated character from a​ movie and embarks on an​ adventure of​ a​ lifetime. Impending disaster, earthquakes, romance, adventure and finding true happiness are all a​ part of​ the story line in​ Kisho.

Jarod Twiford has been writing for young people for about six years before the release of​ this book. After intensive research and painstaking attention to​ detail, he picked the name for the leading character because Kisho means "one who knows his own mind". His thoughtful use of​ many breeds of​ canines definitely lent more power to​ the characters' personalities.

Though I felt a​ few areas were a​ little rushed over by the author, it​ certainly uses an​ interesting and fairly unusual theme. This book is​ certain to​ entertain and be read multiple times by readers.

ISBN#: 1-4241-0525-0
Author: Jarod Twiford
Publisher: Publish America

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