Key Wording Your Web Site With Natural Language

Key Wording Your Web Site With Natural Language

Ever since the​ beginning of​ search engines there has been the​ discussion of​ key wording. Obviously your web page has to​ be about something and​ you want the​ search engine to​ reflect that in​ its results. in​ the​ early days of​ search engines you could put words or​ phrases anywhere on a​ page and​ show up in​ the​ results. People who just wanted traffic would get list of​ the​ most popular used keywords and​ just put them on a​ page. the​ page could have been about toilets but show up in​ search results about Hollywood celebrities. in​ those days finding what you wanted was a​ daunting task. So the​ search engines started looking at​ natural language. Each year they have become more sophisticated about how they look at​ natural language.

The first thing they did was to​ stop looking at​ keyword meta tags. Too often people were putting keywords in​ that did not match their page. Next they started punishing people for​ putting strings of​ key words together, such as​ baseball baseball baseball. Next they paid attention to​ whether or​ not they were used in​ a​ sentence. Then they started evaluating the​ content of​ the​ page to​ see what it​ was about. Buy this time they were getting really accurate in​ their search results. But as​ long as​ there are search engines people with try to​ fool them. for​ the​ last couple of​ years search engine optimization people have promoted keyword stuffing. This is​ where you put the​ keyword in​ the​ text as​ often as​ you could fit it​ in.

A new generation of​ natural language algorithms has been developed by the​ major search engines to​ combat this. Now for​ the​ first time we are hearing the​ use of​ the​ term natural language. Now search engines look at​ the​ way that a​ term is​ used. They compare the​ use of​ the​ term in​ the​ context of​ how it​ is​ used. This example is​ a​ little extreme but we have all seen pages written like this.

"I bought baseball cards for​ my friend the​ baseball card lover. He was so happy to​ get the​ baseball cards and​ he looked at​ baseball cards. Then he showed these baseball cards to​ all his friends that had baseball cards."

This is​ an​ example of​ how the​ term baseball card was used outside of​ natural language. in​ natural language you would not refer to​ your friend as​ the​ baseball card lover. in​ later uses you would have used the​ term “them” to​ describe the​ baseball cards. the​ sentence would look like “He was so happy to​ get them that he took the​ time to​ look at​ each one”.

It is​ still important to​ get your keywords or​ keyword phrases on the​ page regularly. Care needs to​ be given on how they are used. it​ is​ important to​ have them in​ compete sentences and​ not in​ an​ abnormal place in​ the​ context of​ a​ paragraph. Here are some guidelines you might consider. No one knows the​ exact algorithms that the​ search engines use and​ they all have different ones. But one is​ to​ presume that they are based on the​ natural use of​ language so the​ following recommendations are based on basic grammar and​ the​ normal use of​ language.
Here are some examples of​ natural use of​ key words.

1. it​ is​ natural to​ have your keywords in​ your title and​ description meta tags. These tell what your page is​ about and​ your page should be about the​ same thing as​ your keywords are.

2. it​ is​ natural to​ have your keywords in​ your heading tags. Heading tags should be used as​ chapter headings to​ different sections of​ a​ page.

3. in​ is​ natural to​ have your keywords in​ the​ first sentence.

4. it​ can be natural to​ have your keywords appear one in​ most paragraphs.

5. it​ can be natural to​ have your keywords appear more than once in​ a​ paragraph but not every paragraph. You need to​ make sure that it​ fits well and​ does not sound like it​ was just stuck in​ there.

Here are some examples of​ non-natural uses of​ keywords.

1. it​ is​ not natural to​ have your key words more than once in​ your title or​ description.

2. it​ is​ not natural to​ have your key words to​ show up more than once in​ a​ sentence. There are times that this could be natural but it​ would probably be better to​ make it​ into two sentences.

3. it​ is​ not natural for​ the​ same sentence to​ appear in​ several different paragraphs.

4. in​ a​ short paragraph it​ is​ not natural for​ your keywords to​ show up more than twice. in​ a​ paragraph over 6 sentences long this may not hold true. (I publish health related web pages and​ read hundreds of​ health articles a​ month. There are times that I will see a​ term used 3 times in​ a​ long paragraph and​ almost never in​ a​ short one.

5. it​ is​ not natural to​ have keywords used back to​ back in​ a​ sentence. it​ is​ not typical to​ have one sentence end in​ a​ word and​ the​ next sentence to​ begin with it.

6. it​ is​ not natural to​ have every sentence begin with the​ same word or​ phrase.

Following these guidelines may help you with the​ search engine positioning but it​ will definitely make your page more enjoyable for​ your visitors.

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