Key Terms Of Web Development

Key Terms Of Web Development

Web design:

Web design, the​ art of​ developing for​ the​ web is​ something that goes beyond visual design. it​ is​ a​ blend of​ proper writing, designing and​ developing. During recent years professional web design has become imperative. a​ few years ago, it​ was predictable that a​ visitor to​ a​ web site took about 8 seconds to​ decide to​ stay on that web site or​ click the​ "Back" button. if​ your web design does not clutch their attention immediately, they won't stick around. and​ if​ your web site does not offer any benefits, they won't bookmark it​ and​ so they won't come back.

Web development:

• Multi column displays in​ CSS

A lot of​ designs we have to​ turn into HTML these days have multi column elements. These are created because either the​ copy text might get too long to​ be readable in​ a​ fully expanded browser or​ the​ designer wants to​ make sure that as​ many as​ possible page elements are "above the​ fold". Normally these problems can be easily solved with an​ HTML table.

• Taming the​ select

Some browsers allow for​ border, others allow for​ a​ different font, some just don't allow any styling at​ all. Partly this is​ our own fault; we shouldn't try to​ redesign form elements to​ blend into the​ page design. Users know their form elements and​ know what to​ do with them, if​ we change the​ look of​ the​ elements, they will have to​ acclimatize.

Web hosting:

You’ll learn how to​ separate needed features from fluff, and​ what to​ look for​ in​ a​ host with your eye on the​ future. Disk space is​ how much space your files are allowed to​ use up, and​ bandwidth is​ the​ amount of​ data you can transfer to​ visitors. to​ get a​ better idea of​ bandwidth, whenever someone visits your page, the​ page they visit is​ transferred to​ their browser.

Graphic designers:

Graphic design is​ not just about generating good looking stuff, but creating impact and​ communicating sense. Graphic designers are fully equipped and​ qualified people to​ perform this task. They can create graphics, modify, restructure, arrange and​ rearrange them to​ communicate the​ required message. Graphic designers need to​ be creative with a​ constant supply of​ fresh and​ unique ideas, able to​ work under tight deadlines and​ should keep updating with new technology and​ demands.

Site Redesign:

In time, all websites become embarrassed and​ unmanageable, and​ even obsolete. So often, websites grow over time, and​ they need to​ be redesigned, because the​ information within them needs to​ be condensed or​ reorganized. Authority and​ eCommerce websites often contain several pages and​ are in​ the​ constant state of​ flux. However, if​ the​ cost of​ rebuilding your site is​ an​ issue, there are make-shift ways to​ go about reaching your goals.

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