Key Points Of Web Hosting Consider When Choosing

Key Points Of Web Hosting Consider When Choosing

With literally thousands of​ lattice hosting companies in​ the​ struggle all vieing for​ your business, carefully postulate these elementary points to​ insure you occasion the​ very much totally efficacious accord possible.1. Server SpaceFirst, think about how much space your site will take up on a​ server. Unless you are planning on running a​ software repository or​ an​ image gallery, the​ files that make up your website will probably only use between 1 and​ 5 megabytes of​ disk space. Many companies will offer several hundreds of​ megabytes of​ webspace for​ a​ very reasonable price in​ attempt to​ out perform their competitors, but ask yourself "Do I really need that much space?".

Though it's true that you should allow your site "room to​ grow", don't opt for​ what seems like a​ great deal on a​ massively sized account if​ you'll never use all of​ the​ space offered. Chances are you'll find an​ even better deal on an​ amount of​ space more suitable for​ your site size.2. Data Transfer AllowanceThis decision should be based on the​ same principal as​ above. Though you may be convinced that your site will be the​ next Amazon or​ Yahoo and​ receive a​ gazillion visitors a​ day, you really shouldn't need an​ extremely high data transfer allowance unless, as​ stated above, you're running a​ software download site or​ a​ large image gallery. Even heavily trafficked normal HTML sites usually only use a​ few gigabytes per month in​ bandwidth allowance. Don't go overboard just because it​ seems like an​ awesome deal. You may also want to​ be wary of​ companies who offer "unlimited" data transfer as​ there are usually some fine-print stipulations that make this claim not entirely true. Be sure to​ read their terms and​ conditions very carefully before opting for​ this type of​ account. a​ five or​ ten gigabyte bandwidth allowance is​ usually plenty enough for​ a​ small to​ medium sized business or​ personal site.3. Technical SupportA very important point to​ consider when choosing a​ web host is​ the​ types of​ technical support offered by the​ company and​ how easy they are to​ contact when you need them.

Ideally, a​ company should offer 24/7 toll-free telephone support and​ email. I have seen companies that do not even offer a​ telephone number on their website. You should look for​ a​ company that is​ very easily accessible in​ your time of​ need. Nothing is​ more frustrating than being in​ the​ middle of​ working on your site and​ needing an​ important piece of​ information to​ finish the​ job and​ not being able to​ contact your hosting company to​ find it​ out.4. CGI-Bin AccessNo matter what type of​ site you are planning on running, chances are you will eventually need to​ install some type of​ CGI script. Whether it​ be a​ mailing list management script, contact form processor, or​ maybe even a​ fancy credit card processing script, your hosting account will need to​ allow you to​ install and​ run them. This requires access to​ a​ special folder on your server called "CGI-Bin". Some hosting accounts will only allow you to​ use "pre-installed" scripts as​ a​ security measure.

These are scripts that the​ owners of​ the​ company have installed and​ configured so that they know that they will work properly and​ not adversely affect their server's performance. That may be all you need, but if​ you have the​ knowledge, it's always nice to​ have the​ ability to​ install your own scripts and​ configure them to​ suit your individual needs. You should also be sure that the​ account you choose supports the​ language in​ which your scripts are written, such as​ PHP, Perl, etc.5. Up-Time GuaranteeAnother very important issue in​ determining the​ value of​ a​ hosting company is​ how often and​ for​ how long their servers "go down". No matter how good a​ deal you get on server space or​ bandwidht allowance, or​ how wonderfully the​ company's tech support takes care of​ you, your site can't receive visitors or​ produce revenue if​ the​ machine on which it​ is​ hosted is​ not up and​ running.

Naturally you want a​ company who can guarantee the​ highest up-time percentage possible. Servers are taken down briefly from time to​ time for​ maintenance or​ upgrading, so no company can ensure 100% up-time, but you want your site to​ be hosted on dependable, well managed machines that are not constantly having problems which require them to​ be down for​ long periods of​ time.6. Email AccountsAgain, like data transfer allowance and​ server space, some companies will offer you loads more email accounts than you will ever use. Some offer hundreds or​ even unlimited email accounts as​ a​ selling point. This is​ an​ important factor if​ you are Bill Gates and​ have thousands of​ employees, each who need their own email box, but not such a​ big deal if​ you're just one person or​ a​ small company.

You should be okay with 10 or​ 15.7. ReputationThis is​ probably the​ most important factor to​ consider when choosing a​ web host. Do your homework. Pay attention to​ any negative feedback you may hear or​ read about a​ particular hosting company. There are several sites arount the​ Web that feature discussion forums that allow people to​ discuss and​ critique various hosting companies. Ask specific questions about any company you might be interested in​ using to​ see if​ anyone else has had any negative experiences with them. as​ a​ beginning webmaster, I had initially contracted the​ services of​ a​ particular web hosting company to​ host my first site, who promised very good, dependable service for​ a​ very cheap price. Then one day, for​ no apparent reason, decided to​ delete my entire site without warning or​ explanation.

Only then did I visit some hosting forums and​ find that many others had similar negative experiences with that company. Don't make the​ same mistake I did, find out for​ sure from the​ start that your hosting company is​ not going to​ let you down.

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