Keno Strategies Of Course There Are

Keno Strategies Of Course There Are

Keno is​ a​ game that is​ very similar to​ the​ lottery. Many people take this idea and​ think that there are not strategies that can be put together for​ the​ game but there are a​ few things that you should remember to​ help you win.

When you play you have to​ choose numbers from 1 to​ 15 and​ somethimes 20. how do you choose the​ amount if​ numbers you want to​ choose. I would recomend that you stay away from betting with more than 10 numbers because the​ odds of​ you winning are so slim that you will never win even if​ you bet ever game for​ your wntire life. When you play keno try and​ choose less numbers, but not so little that you end up having the​ same slim chances as​ with the​ 20 numbers. Aim for​ the​ middle if​ you can pick 15 choose 7. This way the​ odds are the​ best for​ you and​ the​ cost to​ play and​ win a​ big prize are not so bad.

Remember that when you choose numbers your winnings depend on how many numbers you choose so if​ you choose 7 numbers betting $10.00 wont win you as​ big a​ prize as​ playing 20 numbers. Then again if​ you choose 20 numbers and​ only get 3 you will not win as​ much if​ you chose 7 numbers and​ still got 3. with the​ 20 numbers, 3 numbers is​ only 15% which dramatically lowers your winnings. 3 out of​ 7 chosen keno numbers is​ about 40% which will give you a​ much better winning.

For the​ person that just wants to​ play many games for​ fun and​ still feel the​ rush of​ the​ game with little money, you can play many games, choose 20 numbers, and​ bet $1.00. This is​ great because you give them $20.00, you play 20 keno games, which is​ always a​ lot of​ fun, and​ you may still win a​ lot of​ money if​ you chose the​ correct numbers.

Now the​ most important thing you have to​ remember is​ to​ pick up the​ rules for​ the​ casino you are playing in. the​ rules and​ payouts differ from casino to​ casino so you will want to​ check it​ out. So now that you have this under your belt go out and​ win for​ me.

Keno Strategies Of Course There Are

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