Keep Your Home Safe With Covert Hidden Cameras

Keep Your Home Safe With Covert Hidden Cameras

Do you have a​ wall phone located in​ your home or​ office? Do you also need the​ protection of​ covert hidden cameras? Now you can combine the​ convenience of​ a​ wall phone with the​ security of​ a​ covert hidden camera. These great innovations come wired, which allows the​ phone to​ be an​ actual working phone or​ wireless, which is​ then a​ nonfunctional phone, but just a​ working camera, and​ since the​ camera is​ pointed out the​ front of​ the​ phone, the​ camera has a​ solid view of​ most rooms.

What if​ you don’t have a​ wall phone in​ your room, or​ don’t particularly want one, there is​ another way to​ covertly keep the​ activities in​ the​ room on camera. You can purchase an​ attractive wall clock that looks great anywhere you place it. it​ is​ fully functional as​ both a​ camera and​ a​ clock and​ the​ camera is​ completely hidden from view. the​ best part is​ that if​ you need this system to​ be wireless, that isn’t a​ problem, and​ they come with an​ eight channel scroll selectable receiver that allows versatility in​ your wireless application.

Okay, so you have an​ industrial plant and​ you need security but a​ wall clock or​ wall telephone will just stick out like a​ sore thumb. Your solution can be covert hidden cameras located in​ a​ utility box. Who pays attention or​ thinks twice about utility boxes? With one of​ these weatherproof, easy to​ install units, you would have a​ tiny, hidden, pinhole lens camera that would give you crystal clear video for​ up to​ a​ 700 foot range, and​ the​ receiver plugs into a​ VCR or​ monitor for​ easy viewing. Before you know it, you’ll know exactly what’s happening on the​ premises day or​ night.

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