Keep Your Dog In Your Yard

Keep Your Dog In Your Yard

People keep your dogs in​ your yard,​ you​ need a​ fence,​ a​ chain,​ or​ a​ leash. Your dog running loose is​ an​ accident waiting to​ happen and it​ may not be your dog that gets hurt,​ it​ could easily be a​ child. Plus if​ your dog gets hit by a​ car I will feel bad,​ I also don't want my daughter to​ see it.

We have a​ very friendly dog,​ most people do,​ but when a​ strange dog who also might be friendly comes up things can go wrong. you​ never know how dogs will react to​ each other and a​ child could easily get caught in​ the​ middle.

There are a​ few people in​ my neighborhood that just don't pay attention and their dogs are continually running the​ neighborhood. Hey I understand they all get away from us once in​ awhile,​ but it​ is​ not an​ every week occurrence.

I don't dare let my daughter walk the​ dog around the​ block by herself because of​ these other dogs. I don't know that she could keep control of​ our dog for one to​ get quickly away,​ plus I am afraid she will get caught in​ the​ middle between the​ two dogs if​ there is​ a​ problem.

Yes I am an​ over protective mom at​ times,​ but I shouldn't have to​ worry about dogs running loose in​ the​ neighborhood all the​ time. My daughter knows if​ there is​ ever a​ problem you​ drop the​ leash and get to​ safety,​ but that is​ a​ tough thing for a​ younger child to​ do if​ they think their dog might get hurt. They want to​ help.

I have decided to​ start calling the​ pound on​ these dogs. Don't get me wrong I will use discrimination,​ if​ I know where the​ dog belongs and it​ is​ friendly I will return it​ to​ the​ owner. But there are a​ couple dogs around here that seem to​ accidentally get out a​ couple times a​ week that I don't trust,​ and they will be turned in. Plus I don't know where they are coming from,​ they are not from within a​ four block radius of​ my house I am pretty sure.

Now watch,​ my dog will get out next week.

Basically what I am saying is​ parents you​ need to​ warn your children what to​ do if​ they are out walking their dog and another one approaches. it​ could turn out bad not only for the​ dogs but your child as​ well.

Keep Your Dog In Your Yard

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