Keep Visitors Returning To Your Web Site

Keep Visitors Returning To Your Web Site

All successful websites depend on returning visitors as​ they account for​ a​ significant proportion of​ their traffic. Returning visitors are easier to​ convert into paying customers because of​ the​ credibility issue: the​ more visits, the​ more trust is​ built up. Therefore, to​ keep your visitors coming back to​ your website, try some or​ all of​ the​ following methods:

1) Start a​ forum

When you start a​ forum, you provide your visitors with a​ place to​ voice their opinions and​ interact with other visitors. as​ conversations build, a​ sense of​ community follows and​ your visitors will come back to​ your site religiously.

2) Start a​ blog

Create a​ blog attached to​ your website and​ keep it​ updated with the​ latest news or​ stories. Human beings are curious creatures and​ they will return to​ your website if​ you post fresh content frequently. You will also build up your credibility as​ you are proving to​ them that there is​ also a​ real live person behind the​ website.

3) Carry out polls or​ surveys

Polls and​ surveys are other forms of​ interaction that you should consider adding. They provide a​ quick way for​ visitors to​ interact with your website. Be sure that the​ polls or​ surveys are relevant to​ your website’s theme. Your visitors will return to​ find out the​ results.

4) Puzzles, quizzes, games and​ jokes.

How many bored people are out there looking for​ something stimulating or​ amusing. People will keep visiting your site if​ you provide them with interesting, amusing or​ addictive forms of​ entertainment. You could also hold competitions and​ reward the​ winners. This will definitely keep people coming back trying to​ win a​ prize or​ read the​ joke of​ the​ day.

5) Update frequently

Update your site frequently with fresh content so that every time your visitors return, they will have something new to​ read. This is​ the​ most effective method of​ attracting returning visitors, but this it​ is​ also the​ least carried out one. No one wants to​ browse a​ site that looks the​ same year in​ year out, so keep your site updated with fresh content.

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