Kansas Real Estate The Middle Of The Country

Kansas Real Estate – the​ Middle of​ the​ Country
Located in​ the​ exact middle of​ the​ country, Kansas is​ an​ agricultural state where you can escape the​ rat race .​
Kansas real estate is​ inexpensive and​ plentiful .​
Kansas is​ about as​ Midwestern as​ it​ gets when you think of​ stereotypes .​
Agriculture dominates the​ state with wheat fields flowing throughout the​ state .​
While you will not find oceans or​ rivers, the​ state provides plenty of​ opportunities for​ hiking, camping, fishing and​ a​ variety of​ outdoor activities .​
Football and​ basketball are popular throughout the​ state .​
If you’re living in​ a​ high stress – high cost state, Kansas represents an​ opportunity to​ step back from the​ chaos .​
You’ll find a​ much more relaxed pace of​ life and​ affordable cost of​ living in​ the​ state .​
Kansas City
Often mistaken as​ a​ boring place, Kansas City is​ actually a​ booming city .​
Development and​ expansion seems non-stop and​ has resulted in​ a​ bit of​ city sprawl .​
Still, the​ city is​ surprisingly cosmopolitan .​
Renovations to​ the​ downtown area, particularly the​ River Walk on the​ Missouri River, make the​ city a​ vibrant hub of​ activities and​ nightlife .​
Stroll over to​ the​ Westport area and​ you’ll be in​ the​ hub of​ luxury shops and​ high-class restaurants .​
Kansas City is​ a​ barbeque town and​ the​ city knows how to​ produce the​ finest barbeque food in​ the​ world .​
Make sure you try it .​
For racing enthusiast, Kansas City has recently built a​ major speedway.
Much of​ Kansas City is​ actually in​ Missouri, but we are including it​ here because of​ the​ name .​
Confusing, eh?
Sitting on the​ Kansas River, Lawrence is​ a​ great little college town .​
Home to​ the​ University of​ Kansas, the​ town is​ a​ liberal little town in​ a​ state known for​ being conservative .​
You’ll find brick buildings and​ odd little shops in​ the​ town .​
Basketball rules in​ this town with the​ fans living and​ dying with each game played by the​ college team, the​ Kansas Jayhawks .​

Wichita is​ the​ biggest city in​ Kansas since Kansas City is​ often considered to​ be a​ city in​ Missouri .​
Formerly a​ fairly downtrodden place, Wichita has seen a​ revival with development in​ the​ downtown area and​ along the​ Arkansas River, which divides the​ city .​
There isn’t anything particularly attractive or​ unattractive about the​ city .​
It is​ just a​ solid place to​ raise a​ family and​ very inexpensive .​
Kansas Real Estate
Kansas real estate is​ very inexpensive and​ in​ abundant supply .​
a​ single-family home in​ Wichita will set you back in​ the​ $150,000 range, while you’ll need an​ additional $80,000 in​ Lawrence .​
The same home in​ Kansas City will run roughly $190,000 .​
As was typical throughout the​ Midwest, Kansas real estate did not appreciate at​ any great rate in​ 2018 .​
Ranked in​ the​ bottom ten among all states, Kansas real estate appreciated at​ a​ humble rate of​ 5.5 percent.

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