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Many years ago, I was sitting with a​ number of​ top executives in​ a​ business meeting. We were discussing the possibilities of​ getting more customers. The thought came to​ me that we should call Jim, a​ certain competitor, and ask him if​ he would send us some of​ his extra business. The thought seemed so ridiculous that I didn't even voice it. What? Ask a​ competitor for business? it​ was too far-fetched to​ consider.

A week later at​ a​ trade meeting, I bumped into Jim. We talked for a​ little while about our various businesses and then I did a​ strange thing. I asked him if​ he had any extra business that he couldn't handle at​ the present time. I told him that we had some excess capacity at​ the plant and would be willing to​ help him out.

Jim looked at​ me and smiled. "I wish you had asked me that last week," he said. "You see, John, we recently acquired two new, large accounts but we didn't want to​ lose some of​ our smaller accounts. We are working over capacity right now. We wanted to​ give some of​ the excess work to​ another company that had the capability of​ handling them."

Jim shook his head and continued. "I thought of​ calling you folks to​ ask whether you wanted some extra business. Before I could make the call, I got sidetracked with other things and forgot about it​ for a​ day or​ two. Then, a​ few days ago, Marty from XYZ Corporation called and asked if​ we had any contracts that they could help us out with. I was only too happy to​ agree. I wish you had asked me sooner."

Yes, I, too, wished I had just ASKED. For many reasons we are reluctant to​ ask for what we want. The feelings are complex as​ to​ why we hesitate to​ ask for help when we need it​ most. I, too, have faced situations where I'd rather walk a​ thousand miles than ask for help. Perhaps, it​ is​ human nature, but I really don't know.

I do know, however, that many times the difference between success and failure is​ the simple act of​ asking. And who do we ask? And how? This is​ where the secret lies. an​ old man once said to​ me, "Go to​ God first, and then to​ man as​ God directs." The first place to​ turn to​ is​ the Invisible Force that pervades the universe. Some call this Force God. Others call it​ "All That Is" or​ Jehovah or​ many other different names.

We ask in​ the quiet of​ our hearts. if​ we listen carefully, we are led to​ ask the right person. And if​ we do this with a​ confident heart, believing that we deserve the support of​ the universe, we'd be amazed at​ the results. With strange turns and with mysterious means we're led to​ the answer we seek.

Learn to​ ask for help. Ask in​ the silence of​ your soul first, and then ask the person you feel led to. That person could be a​ friend, a​ family member, a​ minister, a​ counselor or​ a​ business associate. Sometimes help comes from strange places. in​ addition to​ writing articles, newsletters and books, lecturing and conducting seminars, I am also an​ intuitive consultant. it​ never ceases to​ amaze me how many people call me for a​ consultation, guidance and insigt and say that they were led to​ call me through something they saw on my websites, the suggestion of​ a​ friend, a​ book they read or​ even a​ dream.

Our world seems to​ be moving at​ a​ faster pace than ever before. Changes seem to​ come upon us with lightning speed. But that is​ one of​ the laws of​ the universe. Change will always come into our lives. It's how we deal with it​ that's important. if​ we meet change with confidence and trust, we'll find the strength, courage and support to​ adapt, adjust and welcome change. Hope does shine all around.

There are times when events seem to​ catch up with us and we find ourselves at​ the end of​ our rope. Worse, there appears to​ be nowhere to​ turn, no help available, no rest for the weary. Do not be deceived by what appears to​ be. There is​ an​ ancient saying, "Ask and ye shall receive."

Whatever the times seem to​ be, whatever problems we face, whatever difficulties we imagine in​ our minds, let us remember that there is​ always a​ way out. Let us remember that we are children of​ the universe with all the gifts of​ the universe at​ our disposal. Let us ask the universe for what we need and we'll be guided to​ someone who will be the answer to​ our problem. Just don't sit there -- ASK!

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