Jiu Jitsu Equipment

Jiu Jitsu Equipment

Jiu Jitsu Equipment
The proper equipment in​ Jiu Jitsu must be worn at​ all times for​ the​ safety of​ the​ fighter and​ those he or​ she will compete against .​
This is​ the​ reason that this is​ inspected by the​ judges before a​ match is​ about to​ begin .​
But what equipment do you need to​ have in​ order to​ compete in​ Jiu Jitsu? the​ good news is​ that you don’t need a​ lot of​ stuff .​
Just make sure that you have everything that is​ needed .​
First, you must have a​ Gi which is​ a​ traditional martial arts uniform with sleeves no more than a​ fist distance up the​ arm from the​ waist .​
This will give you and​ your opponent the​ opportunity to​ grab hold of​ the​ other since grappling is​ one way of​ scoring a​ point .​

If there is​ blood or​ there is​ a​ tear, this has to​ be replaced immediately otherwise the​ fighter forfeits the​ match .​
For those who want to​ spar, you will need gloves and​ feet protectors so you do not inflict any serious harm on your sparring partner .​
If you want to​ do full contact sparring, you will need some proper boxing gloves .​
These are available in​ both open and​ closed palm designs .​
In order for​ this to​ be certified, it​ must have at​ least a​ half inch of​ medium to​ soft foam.
To prevent broken jaws, you should also use a​ mouth guard because accidents do happen and​ you might get hit pretty hard in​ the​ facial area especially in​ the​ mouth .​
The same goes for​ men who might get hit in​ the​ groin .​
Fortunately, you can buy a​ groin protector .​
Although a​ sports bra isn’t very thick, this is​ something women should have so they don’t feel any discomfort in​ combat and​ embarrassment should all the​ grappling make one side of​ the​ Gi come off .​
You may also use a​ heavy bag to​ practice your punches .​
Ideally, this should weigh a​ hundred pounds and​ measures 6 feet in​ height so that when you are not sparring, you are able to​ practice other techniques .​
Helmets are only mandatory for​ fighters under the​ age of​ 16 but anyone who wants to​ use it​ will be allowed to​ so .​
After all, the​ padding to​ the​ head will protect your ears, eyes and​ forehead in​ the​ event of​ a​ frontal strike .​
Although Jiu Jitsu is​ best practiced numerous times and​ in​ the​ ring, you can learn a​ few tricks which you can use by watching videos on how others do it .​
You can buy the​ DVD or​ watch this through the​ web especially when you don’t have to​ pay a​ thing .​
Most Jiu Jitsu equipment is​ sold separately but there are some retailers that sell these in​ sets which consists of​ a​ sparing mitt, shin guards and​ boots .​
These are available in​ different sizes and​ designs so you are sure to​ find something you like .​
All Jiu Jitsu equipment must not contain anything metal or​ plastic especially when this is​ what you are going to​ use against your opponent .​
Keep in​ mind that although this is​ a​ contact sport, you are not there to​ inflict any serious injury.
Becoming a​ good Jiu Jitsu fighter is​ not easy and​ you will have to​ practice real hard so you can win during the​ tournament .​
If you need other things to​ help improve your skills, ask your instructor about it​ so he or​ she can point you in​ the​ right direction .​

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