Jim Cramer Says Buy Laureate Education

Jim Cramer Says Buy Laureate Education
Doktor Cramer opened his Mad Money television show on CNBC last Friday with a​ very positive review of​ Laureate Education Inc, LAUR; NYSE .​
Cramer reminded us that this company was previously known as​ Sylvan Learning Centers .​
The company has changed its name and its corporate direction .​
It’s focused south strategically but not going south technically.
While offering diplomas to​ anyone with the necessary financing was initially a​ good business in​ the USA, students have displayed a​ litigious tendency to​ seek compensation if​ they fail to​ land the type of​ jobs they feel they prepared for .​
But in​ the overseas markets where LAUR is​ now focused, students are putting down their cash and taking their chances that diplomas will allow them to​ participate in​ the growing Latin American economies.
Cramer pointed out that Morgan Stanley research recently put out a​ buy recommendation on the shares of​ Laureate Education
because of​ their sizeable presence in​ Chile, Mexico and Brazil .​
The company recently bought the fifth largest private school in​ Sao Paulo, Brazil and is​ moving into parts of​ Europe that offer good growth opportunities, like Crete .​
LAUR shares closed Friday at​ $53.25, up 81 cents or​ 1.5 % on the day.
Review provided by John Babington of​ TipLetter.com which can be found at​ www.CBS2.TV

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