Jewelry Cases And Your Jewelry

Jewelry Cases And Your Jewelry

Jewelry cases or​ otherwise known as​ jewelry boxes are important because they safely store our precious jewelries. a​ typical jewelry case is​ usually rectangular in​ shape though we can find them in​ a​ variety of​ shapes nowadays. it​ may or​ may not have a​ mirror on​ the​ inside of​ its upper lid. the​ lower half is​ usually made up of​ specialized compartments or​ trays to​ store different types of​ jewelry like necklaces,​ earrings,​ bracelets,​ anklets,​ rings,​ bangles,​ etc. the​ interior is​ usually lined with velvet and it​ has either a​ clasp with lock,​ numbered combination or​ any other form of​ lock to​ ensure the​ safety of​ the​ contents.

Jewelry cases come in​ a​ variety of​ colors usually in​ simply shades. Others are even designed with beautifully crafted embellishments. There are new ones and vintage ones as​ well. There are different box styles for women,​ men and even children. Little girls just love jewelry cases with music boxes and ballerinas dancing inside when the​ case is​ being opened. Other styles for adult women even look like little cupboards that are tall with stacked drawers to​ properly organize your stones and gems.

While it​ may be true that a​ jewelry case will definitely safely store your jewelry it​ is​ important to​ note that you​ also have to​ properly take care of​ them to​ preserve its value. you​ should store your jewelry inside jewelry boxes or​ cases that are lined with a​ soft material to​ avoid it​ from being scratched. if​ you​ store them in​ boxes without lining the​ tendency is​ for it​ to​ be damaged against the​ impact of​ a​ hard surface. you​ can substitute a​ jewelry case with soft fabric pouches. it​ is​ importantly that you​ store them separately to​ avoid scratches. This is​ the​ reason for the​ compartments. Keep it​ away from heat and moisture that may damage some stones. it​ is​ best that you​ buy jewelry cases with locks for added security.

It is​ ideal to​ have your jewelry professionally cleaned at​ least once a​ year. Avoid it​ from being exposed to​ perfumes or​ cosmetics that can sometimes cause discoloration. When you​ travel always carry with you​ your jewelry cases in​ your handbag or​ carry on​ luggage and not in​ your suitcases.

We believe that the​ purchase of​ good jewelries is​ a​ good investment. to​ protect your investment properly take care of​ them and store it​ safely for you​ to​ enjoy them for many years to​ come.

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