Jerk Reactions The Reason We Are Often Jolted Out Of Sleep

Jerk Reactions The Reason We Are Often Jolted Out Of Sleep

No matter what time we get up in​ the morning, what our day consisted of, or​ how late we decided to​ call it​ a​ night, getting a​ good night's sleep is​ something we all want and need, but all do differently. Some of​ us are naturally "restless" sleepers. Despite our exhaustion an​ efforts, we toss and turn, finding it​ almost impossible to​ get comfortable and (perhaps just when we get settled in​ and comfortable) are awakened by just about any little noise, movement, or​ glimpse of​ light. Yet, others (of us) are sound sleepers who easily fall asleep, remain virtually undisturbed and "incapacitated" until the next day or​ until the alarm clock jolts us out of​ bed (and with lots of​ effort at​ that).

However, the one thing that most of​ us have in​ common once we've dozed off is​ that from time to​ time we all experience a​ jerking action as​ our bodies and minds zone into the zone of​ sleep. And, it​ frequently leaves us with the feeling that we are falling.

Ever wonder why this happens, and what causes it? if​ you’re like most of​ us, we're sure you have.

According to​ experts, it's all part of​ a​ phenomenon known as​ sleep start. Sleepstart, ironically is​ an​ occurrence that even scientists can’t fully explain and don't totally understand. However the most widely accepted scientific speculation and explanation is​ that the brain misinterprets the relaxation process that muscles experience as​ you drift into sleep. as​ a​ result the brain then notifies, or​ rather, alerts the muscles, and encourages them to​ suddenly tense up in​ an​ effort to​ prevent the sensation of​ "falling".

However, experts assert that regardless of​ whether these jolts, jolt you out of​ sleep or​ not, they are quite common, normal, and nothing to​ worry about.

Jerk Reactions The Reason We Are Often Jolted Out Of Sleep

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