Jaguar Xk 8 Sporty Yet Classy

Jaguar Xk 8 Sporty Yet Classy

From the​ Jaguar brand of​ vehicles comes yet another vehicle that is​ surely on its way to​ speeding up to​ popularity and​ fame. This vehicle is​ the​ Jaguar XK 8, and​ it​ is​ a​ part of​ Jaguar’s XK series. This series has been considered to​ be a​ modern Grand Touring coupe and​ convertible from the​ brand.

The production of​ the​ Jaguar XK 8 had actually started back in​ the​ year 1996 although the​ very first vehicles were set out and​ sold in​ the​ market come the​ following year. This vehicle replaced the​ niche that the​ defunct Jaguar XJS left behind when its production was permanently halted. it​ has already gone through a​ first generation and​ is​ currently on its second. Indeed, the​ Jaguar XK 8 has been making breakthroughs and​ achieving them for​ Jaguar. This vehicle is​ the​ first vehicle from Jaguar to​ receive eight cylinders which is​ called the​ new Jaguar AJ V8 engine.

The Jaguar XK 8 has been crafted as​ coupes and​ convertibles. This vehicle also sports long and​ elegant lines that have made it​ quite a​ distinct vehicle that surely exudes luxury and​ sophistication. it​ has a​ 2 + 2 seating. and​ yes, despite its being elegant and​ sophisticated, the​ Jaguar XK 8 also performs well and​ is​ up for​ speed. it​ has been equipped with an​ engine that could produce some 290 units of​ horsepower.

Comfort has also been considered by the​ company when they produced the​ Jaguar XK 8. for​ drivers, this vehicle is​ one that they certainly would want to​ drive over and​ over again. it​ holds Connolly leather seats that are not too firm yet not too soft either. Space and​ roominess has also not been sacrificed so as​ not to​ give passengers a​ suffocating and​ very uncomfortable feel. the​ Jaguar XK 8 can actually accelerate from zero to​ 60 mph in​ just 6.6 seconds. Its engine is​ a​ DOHC V8 engine with 32 valves. This machine has the​ capacity to​ produce some 290 units of​ horsepower at​ 6100 rpm and​ some 290 units of​ torque at​ 4250 rpm. Its top speed has been recorded as​ 155 mph. it​ can achieve 17 mpg for​ city driving and​ 24 mpg as​ per highway travails.

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