Jaguar Xjs Shows Sportsmanship

Jaguar Xjs Shows Sportsmanship

Famous for​ its luxury saloon vehicles and​ sports cars as​ well, the​ Jaguar brand is​ yet another vehicle manufacturer that keeps its aficionados and​ followers looking forward to​ the​ next creation that it​ would release on the​ roads and​ streets. Jaguar Cars is​ a​ vehicle manufacturer from Britain and​ with its vehicles that it​ has manufactured, it​ has kept a​ wide range of​ competitors that include brands like the​ BMW, the​ Mercedes Benz, the​ Porsche, the​ Cadillac, the​ Lexus, the​ Infiniti, and​ also the​ Lincoln.

One of​ the​ vehicles that is​ running under this brand is​ the​ Jaguar XJS. This is​ a​ luxury coupe and​ it​ has replaced the​ famous and​ world renowned Jaguar E Type. This was done on September of​ 1975. the​ Jaguar XJS was actually based on the​ Jaguar XJ saloon. it​ is​ not as​ sporty as​ most of​ the​ vehicles under the​ Jaguar brand. However, it​ still is​ a​ grand tourer and​ is​ also aerodynamic. During the​ development of​ this luxury, it​ was actually dubbed as​ the​ XK-F. the​ last of​ its kind was produced on April 4, 1996. in​ its place came the​ Jaguar XK8.

Upon its introduction the​ Jaguar XJS was equipped with a​ V12 engine. Along with that, the​ owner of​ the​ Jaguar XJS had a​ choice between a​ manual transmission or​ an​ automatic transmission although soon enough the​ manual option was deleted off the​ list of​ options. With this kind of​ machine, the​ Jaguar XJS is​ capable of​ reaching 60 mph in​ 6.9 seconds and​ can accelerate to​ 150 mph. it​ has been said that the​ Jaguar XJS has a​ revolutionary aluminum construction with space age technology. However, despite that fact, it​ still has been able to​ retain the​ elegant lines that has made Jaguar vehicles that popular.

This vehicle went into a​ very quick ascent to​ popularity when there was a​ television series that came up needing a​ vehicle. the​ television series was the​ popular “Return of​ the​ Saint”. in​ this series, the​ hero, Simon Templar who was being played by Ian Ogilvy, drives an​ early Jaguar XJS with the​ number plate ‘ST 1’. and​ it​ was during this time that miniature versions of​ the​ Jaguar XJS were crafted. These sold like hotcakes.

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Jaguar Xjs Shows Sportsmanship

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