Jab Cross Hook Cross Combination Wont Be Found In Any Fastfood
Restaurant Menu

Jab Cross Hook Cross Combination Wont Be Found In Any Fastfood Restaurant Menu

In order to​ be successful in​ kickboxing, it​ is​ essential to​ learn and​ master the​ basic kickboxing combos early in​ your training. These combos are taught as​ part of​ your fitness training right from the​ word go. in​ proper kickboxing classes, the​ proper techniques are taught in​ detail so you know precisely how to​ perfect these new skills. Since 1960, these kickboxing combos have been borrowed from the​ original martial art from which they came and​ adapted to​ the​ more modern form used today. Kickboxing combos, performed with pin point accuracy combined with lightening fast speed is​ a​ wonderful tool for​ self defence and​ essential for​ kickboxing tournaments.

Depending on what kind of​ class you take, these combos will be demonstrated to​ you by your instructor and​ then you go will be taken through the​ process move by move and​ then do many repartitions until you remember the​ sequence. at​ this stage it​ will be time to​ learn to​ be more precise and​ accurately connect at​ the​ exact spot intended. Practising using a​ bag and/or shadow boxing is​ a​ helpful.

The moves should be explained clearly and​ simply e.g.

Hand moves: Jab- forward punch using your knuckles; Hook- swing your arm sideways and​ try to​ hit opponent in​ the​ face: Ridge Hand- using the​ side of​ your hand; Back Hand- hitting with the​ back of​ your hand:Back Jab- jabbing off your back hand.

Feet and​ Legs: Forward Kick- pretty self explanatory

Side Kick- like a​ forward kick but around the​ side of​ the​ person, hitting them with the​ top of​ your foot. Axe kick- bring leg up as​ high as​ you can then drag it​ down Flying forward kick- jump into the​ air and​ do a​ forward kick.

These are but a​ few of​ the​ moves but they form the​ basis for​ other moves and​ combos. Kickboxing combos to​ increase aerobic fitness can be practised to​ music which should be around 140 to​ 150 beats per minute to​ be effective.

When using a​ bag or​ shadow boxing the​ following combos are useful:

- Sideways to​ Bag: the​ inside arm does a​ back fist and​ inside leg does a​ kick whilst the​ outside arm does a​ cross.

- Back fist: back fist; side kick; cross

- Alternating jabs; hooks shovels and​ roundhouse kick. 1-2, 3-4; 5- 6; 7-8.

This is​ to​ be dome several times then swap sides.

Another way of​ learning and​ practicing is​ to​ have a​ sparring partner. This not only has you practicing the​ Kickboxing combos but also serves to​ teach you how to​ anticipate your opponent’s next moves and​ how to​ avoid them and​ counter attack. Many combos can be learned for​ specific situations such as​ up close conflict, much stronger or​ taller person or​ several attackers at​ once.

These are wonderful for​ building aerobic fitness, toning, strengthening and​ for​ building confidence whilst being mindful of​ the​ meditative and​ spiritual side of​ the​ sport.

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