Its Snooze Or Lose Not Snooze And Lose Good Nights Sleep

Its Snooze Or Lose Not Snooze And Lose Good Nights Sleep

Welcome to​ the sleepless 21st century. Somewhere in​ your busy schedule you make time to​ get to​ the gym, eat healthy and buy/take your supplements. However as​ the old saying goes "a chain is​ only strong as​ it​ weakest link" applies to​ your weight loss and bodybuilding efforts as​ well. Learn how a​ good nights sleep can be your best bodybuilding/weight loss supplement.

Do not let your training program fail because you don’t get adequate sleep. What is​ adequate sleep? This will vary by individual, but most likely you will need eight plus hours to​ be fully rested. if​ you are waking up with the help of​ an​ alarm (even worse, hitting the snooze button a​ dozen times), you aren’t getting enough sleep.

There are many general health benefits that can be obtained from simply getting a​ good night's sleep. a​ huge one is​ better cardiovascular health - sleep deprivation has been linked to​ a​ hardening of​ the arteries.

The importance of​ sleep is​ much higher for the person trying to​ gain muscle mass. Your body needs this rest to​ repair, rebuild and recover the muscle that your workouts have broken down. Sleep plays a​ vital role in​ protein synthesis and the release of​ growth hormone. Insufficient sleep affects growth hormone secretion that is​ linked to​ obesity; as​ the amount of​ hormone secretion decreases, the chance for weight gain increases. Remember that sleep is​ your number one bodybuilding supplement....and it's free!

Some supplements you might want to​ give a​ try to​ help improve sleep would be ZMA, GABA, Melatonin, GH enhancers and/or some testosterone boosters. These supplements have shown to​ help with getting to​ sleep, and to​ help establish healthy sleeping patterns. Sleep is​ vital and many studies have shown that we are simply not getting enough of​ it.

Do not drink anything right before bedtime. You do not want to​ consume water so you are not up all night running to​ the bathroom. You also do not want to​ consume any caffeine as​ it​ will be even harder to​ fall asleep. Caffeine shouldn’t be consumed at​ all within 5 hours of​ bedtime.

Sleep has been proven time and time again to​ be very important in​ many aspects of​ your life. Lack of​ it​ can be very hard to​ make up for later. Sleep is​ just as​ important as​ diet and exercise, but studies have shown that most people have sleep as​ a​ much lower priority. Get at​ least 8 hours of​ sleep a​ night. it​ will lead to​ a​ much better day as​ you are fully recovered and can better concentrate. Life itself overall benefits greatly on proper sleeping habits

Don’t let lack of​ sleep slow down the results you work so hard for in​ the gym.

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