Its A Great Time To Be An Independent Writer

The world of​ publishing is​ about to​ change. It's an​ exciting time to​ be an​ Independent author. This long ignored group is​ beginning to​ organize and establish an​ entirely new marketplace for selling books. a​ community introducing voices never heard and stories never told to​ the world.

What they need is​ an​ on-line destination created for Independently published writers to​ promote and sell their books.

It is​ difficult to​ be an​ Independent author. The term "self published" is​ often used and misunderstood because major components of​ the publishing industry, including the six largest publishers, have been successful in​ attaching "poor quality" to​ the term "self-published." The term Independent author best describes the decision many writers have made to​ publish on their own.

The fact that someone decides to​ become an​ Independent author does not mean their writing is​ not good. it​ means they have made the decision to​ publish Independently and remain in​ control of​ the work creatively and financially. Being an​ Independent author is​ hard, doors slam and there are plenty of​ "do not enter" signs, which is​ the reason many Independent authors give up in​ their quest to​ sell books.

Many Independent authors feel strongly that their pay-for-printing publisher does not care whether they sell a​ single copy of​ their book. The printer's profit is​ made in​ the printing itself, not the final sale of​ the book. These authors cite instances where messages are sent proclaiming, "Buy this service and you will sell books," only to​ find the statement hollow and without merit or​ success. in​ the end the only thing the Independent author has is​ an​ extremely fragmented market.

The hope for increased sales of​ Independent books is​ through banding together as​ a​ single community speaking from a​ single platform, authors helping create their own market for readers looking for new voices and interesting stories. as​ an​ Independent writer and author, trust in​ the fact that this community will be an​ opportunity to​ sell books and gain respectability in​ the marketplace we so richly deserve.

The dynamic of​ the market for book sales is​ about to​ shift and the Independent author is​ in​ the right place at​ the right time to​ take full advantage. There has never been a​ better time to​ be an​ Independent author. Countless opportunities are opening that offer more exposure to​ a​ wider audience than ever before.

Strength is​ in​ numbers, so we need to​ have a​ gathering place for writers and authors, a​ community where we will be heard by readers searching for voices never heard and stories never told. The world of​ traditional brick and mortar publishing is​ struggling, over the course of​ the past fifteen years the market has been shrinking. The six largest publishers are forced to​ push more copies of​ a​ handful of​ authors out into stores each and every month. This is​ negatively impacting overall sales at​ a​ time when book retailers, wholesalers, and distributors are consolidating and demanding change. The problem is​ that the big companies do not have answers.

They constantly search for new writers but the demands of​ the business make it​ harder for them to​ create successful authors. The marketplace has been structured by their own hand to​ allow only a​ small window of​ opportunity for new authors to​ make their presence known. Retailers are geared towards instant success and immediate sales, while the system is​ not in​ place to​ allow that to​ happen. as​ a​ result the big publishers are in​ a​ quandary.

At the same time, Independent authors are about to​ make a​ statement that will surely rock the traditional world of​ publishing. They are on the verge of​ making a​ huge impact never before witnessed in​ the industry. No longer will Independent authors and small publishers have to​ struggle in​ the old ways of​ selling books. a​ truly limitless, global audience waits.

Independent writers and authors are about to​ emerge from the shadows and take their rightful place in​ the market. This is​ a​ brave new world for readers clamoring for voices never heard and
stories never told.

They need a​ site that will introduce readers around the world to​ books they might never have found, and provide an​ opportunity for the Independent author to​ expand their audience like never before. The site exists, and is​ welcoming Independent authors and their books.

It is​ extremely difficult for major publishers to​ sell all of​ their titles. What chance does an​ Independent author have of​ making a​ real dent and sell enough copies to​ warrant continuous shelf space and sizable reorders? Not impossible but not probable either. The future for the Independently published book is​ sales through the Internet. There are tremendous possibilities in​ those areas without having to​ fight and scratch for inches inside a​ traditional bookstore.

The big six have not figured out how to​ utilize the Internet to​ their advantage, but when they do, they will monopolize your opportunities. Beat them to​ it. Join the new community, the online market for your books. The future for substantial sales of​ Independently published books is​ not the local bookstore, but at​ the independent author's online bookstore.

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