Its A Dogs Life

What do we mean when we say “Oh,​ It’s a​ Dog’s Life”?

Maybe it’s because the​ ideal dog’s life is​ to​ have nothing more than a​ warm bed,​ to​ be fed regularly,​ and know that there is​ at​ least one human who cares and loves them. Or,​ is​ it​ that some dog’s are left out in​ the​ cold... literally!

Knowing that you​ care for them,​ your dog is​ always delighted to​ welcome you​ home. a​ happy face,​ a​ wagging tail,​ in​ fact his whole body movement cry out “Hi,​ I’m so pleased to​ see you!”

When it​ comes to​ the​ sleeping arrangements,​ some dog owners may allow them to​ sleep in​ the​ same room. This suits a​ dog just fine,​ since dogs are pack animals and sleeping in​ the​ same area keeps the​ pack together.

In today’s society,​ dog’s have become completely dependent on​ the​ human family. When treated properly,​ they will give total loyalty and so much more in​ return.

They need to​ know who is​ the​ leader or​ “Alpha Dog”. This is​ important to​ a​ pack animal,​ since he will naturally try to​ be number-one,​ which can become an​ ongoing battle if​ not confronted as​ a​ puppy.

Owning a​ pet is​ a​ lifetime commitment and not a​ decision to​ be taken lightly. This could be compared to​ raising children,​ which is​ always for better or​ worse... and definitely does not involve a​ local shelter after a​ few months.

Always think about your decision thoroughly beforehand. it​ is​ not good enough to​ claim that you​ don’t want them any more or​ just plain changed your mind. Make very sure you​ know what you​ are letting yourself in​ for and how much your life WILL change!

A pet dog can improve your life in​ many ways,​ both mentally and physically. Having a​ dog around is​ a​ great way to​ relax when you’re feeling tense or​ stressed. They seem to​ know when you​ are feeling low and try their best to​ help.

Take them for a​ long walk or​ go and play ball in​ the​ park. the​ fresh air will do you​ both the​ world of​ good,​ it​ will clear your thoughts and take way the​ stress of​ the​ day. Watch your dog play with vigor and vitality,​ with not a​ care in​ the​ world,​ except to​ please their master.

Feeling lonely or​ depressed? Your dog is​ more tuned into you​ than you​ think and will be a​ faithful devoted friend. They will sense how you​ are feeling and try to​ let you​ know that you’re not alone... in​ their own dog-like way!

With a​ dog around,​ there will always be those magical moments to​ remember,​ Maybe it’s their mannerisms or​ antics that bring a​ smile to​ your face and ultimately a​ warm glow in​ your heart.

They find it​ easy to​ break the​ ice when meeting strangers... without speaking a​ word! Treating them with love and respect means they will communicate with us easily,​ forging a​ bond of​ unconditional trust.

Observing and learning about that special bond,​ allows you​ to​ understand the​ precious gift of​ friendship they have to​ offer.

Respectful training needs to​ start from day one and they will grow to​ be a​ happy,​ contented and loyal companion for years to​ come. you​ will become all that matters to​ them and they will be a​ pleasure to​ have around,​ mixing well within the​ community and loved by all.

Then there is​ the​ other end of​ the​ scale. This is​ where a​ dog’s life can be very unhappy and very miserable... not loved or​ cared for properly. Be honest,​ we’ve all seen dog’s that are poorly kept. They are the​ ones living out their life on​ the​ end of​ a​ chain in​ a​ cold lonely backyard with the​ occasional scraps thrown out for them!

Their life is​ a​ sad continuous “yearning” to​ have companionship,​ kindness,​ love and care. Their lack of​ training and control leaves them totally confused,​ not sure who is​ boss or​ even what is​ expected of​ them. Just think,​ next time you​ hear a​ dog barking endlessly,​ it’s their cry of​ sadness,​ loneliness and a​ plea for help... all they want is​ to​ be part of​ that home’s “human pack”.

A dog asks for nothing more than being our best friend and to​ make our life a​ better one. They don’t know or​ ask why... they just do!

So,​ when considering buying that dog,​ remember to​ take him into your family in​ the​ true sense and be his best friend... because he will certainly be yours!!

Now,​ back to​ that statement,​ ”Oh,​ it’s a​ dog’s life?” Maybe it’s as​ simple as​ this... knowing your place in​ life,​ leads to​ contentment... given the​ opportunity,​ your dog will show you​ how with ease!

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