Italian Cuisine A Trip To The Island Of Sardinia

Italian Cuisine A Trip To The Island Of Sardinia

Italian Cuisine: a​ Trip To the​ Island of​ Sardinia
The island of​ Sardinia perhaps most quickly conjures up the​ idea of​ sardines .​
a​ small island off of​ the​ western coast of​ Italy, it​ certainly incorporates seafood in​ to​ much of​ its regional cuisine .​
However, Sardinia has such a​ rich and​ various history that it​ bears little resemblance to​ the​ traditional idea of​ Italian cooking .​
Like many other Italian regional cuisines, Sardinia’s regional taste is​ often a​ surprise for​ a​ palette that is​ expecting red sauce and​ parmesan cheese to​ be the​ beginning and​ end of​ traditional Italian cooking .​
While it​ is​ a​ region of​ Italy, Sardinia’s history is​ shared with explorers of​ many European nations, such as​ Greece, France, and​ Spain .​
This diverse history of​ people shows in​ the​ traditions and​ culture of​ this isolated island destination.
While, being an​ island, seafood, especially shellfish, plays a​ large part in​ the​ regional cuisine of​ Sardinia, very few Sardinian meals do not incorporate lamb, a​ rich resource in​ the​ mountainous inland of​ the​ island of​ Sardinia .​
In addition to​ the​ lamb’s meat, a​ favorite of​ Sardinian chefs, very few meals are complete without the​ company of​ sheep’s milk and​ wild fennel .​
Stews and​ roasts are popular choices for​ the​ people of​ Sardinia .​
Looking at​ any Sardinian recipe, it​ is​ easy to​ see that the​ cuisine of​ this hilly island is​ a​ veritable stone soup of​ the​ many different cultures that have passed through the​ island over the​ years.
The seafood traditions of​ the​ Greek isles can be found in​ the​ mussel stews and​ roasted lobster dishes that keep the​ island’s fishermen busy .​
Malloreddus is​ a​ Sardinian pasta that can be found in​ many stews and​ pasta dishes accompanying chicken or​ rabbit basted in​ fennel or​ saffron .​
Malloreddus is​ a​ grooved pasta that very much resembles gnocchi in​ taste and​ texture, and​ is​ made of​ semolina flour and​ sometimes seasoned lightly with saffron, while most gnocchi is​ made with potato.
Stews are very popular in​ the​ regional cuisine of​ Sardinia, and​ even meat and​ poultry dishes are served in​ rich cooking sauces that could just as​ easily be served as​ soups .​
For this reason, accompanying a​ Sardinian entrée with a​ hearty crusted bread or​ a​ side of​ potatoes makes for​ a​ very filling meal .​
Pasta, in​ the​ traditional sense is​ not as​ large a​ part of​ Sardinian cooking as​ in​ other regions of​ Italy .​
The pastas of​ Sardinia are more commonly associated with Middle Eastern cuisine .​
Hearty grains and​ fusilli more commonly accompany the​ dishes of​ Sardinian regional cuisine, as​ opposed the​ lasagna, spaghetti or​ linguine that Americans more commonly associate with Italian cooking.
Between the​ diverse history of​ Sardinia’s people, from France to​ the​ Middle East, and​ the​ various different landscapes and​ resources that can be found throughout the​ island, it​ is​ hard to​ put Sardinian cuisine into one category .​
One thing is​ for​ sure though, while you will find many different types of​ food on the​ island of​ Sardinia, it​ is​ unlikely that you will find anything like it​ anywhere else in​ the​ world.

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