Issues Regarding Gout Treatment

Issues Regarding Gout Treatment

Due to​ improper diet, sedentary lifestyle and​ obesity, many people suffer from gout these days. Gout predominantly affects men and​ the​ disease is​ most likely to​ occur at​ a​ more advanced age. Men with ages over 50 usually develop forms of​ gout. in​ some cases, women can also develop the​ disease after the​ age of​ 60.

There are many factors that facilitate the​ development of​ gout, but the​ actual cause of​ the​ disease seems to​ be the​ body’s excessive secretion of​ a​ substance called uric acid. Uric acid is​ a​ residual product that is​ excreted from the​ body through urine. the​ surplus of​ uric acid inside the​ body leads to​ its accumulation in​ the​ form of​ uric crystals. These crystals deposit in​ different regions of​ the​ organism, causing inflammation. Gout mainly affects joints, especially those of​ the​ lower body limbs. Gout causes inflammation, swelling and​ intense pain of​ the​ affected areas.

Although the​ disease can be corrected through an​ appropriate gout treatment, there is​ no specific cure for​ it. Many medicines prescribed for​ gout usually control its symptoms, rather than the​ actual causes. However, some of​ the​ causes of​ gout can be overcome through the​ means of​ a​ good, healthy diet. it​ is​ very important to​ reduce the​ consumption of​ alcohol when suffering from gout, as​ it​ interferes with renal activity. Smoking is​ known to​ cause damage to​ arteries and​ it​ can also slow down the​ process of​ healing.

Gout usually involves intense pain of​ the​ joints. Pain episodes tend to​ become more intense during the​ night and​ sometimes people with gout have trouble sleeping. Although some medicines don’t prevent pain attacks from reoccurring, they are effective for​ temporarily reducing it. Common medicines prescribed in​ gout treatments are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, ketoprofen, diclofenac, ibuprofen, and​ naproxen). They are efficient in​ calming the​ inflammation and​ also ameliorate the​ pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs are usually well-tolerated by the​ body. They are administered orally, in​ the​ quantities prescribed by the​ doctor.

Another substance used in​ gout treatment is​ Colchicine. Although it​ considerably reduces pain and​ discomfort of​ the​ regions affected by gout, it​ also has a​ lot of​ side effects. Due to​ this fact, Colchicine is​ only administered to​ patients suffering from acute gout or​ to​ those who don’t respond well to​ gout treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Corticosteroids are also used in​ some gout treatments. They quickly relief the​ pain and​ they can usually be injected directly into the​ affected joint. However, they are used only in​ extreme cases, due to​ their multiple side effects.

Although proper diet and​ drinking larger quantities of​ water are a​ natural way of​ getting rid of​ the​ surplus of​ uric acid from the​ body, some medicines can also help to​ normalize the​ levels of​ the​ substance. Such medicines are usually used in​ chronic gout treatment. Allopurinol is​ an​ inhibitor that decreases the​ quantities of​ uric acid secreted by the​ body. Uricosuric Agents like probenecid and​ sulfinpyrazone improve the​ activity of​ the​ kidneys, aiding the​ process of​ excretion.

Many symptoms of​ gout can be ameliorated by following an​ appropriate gout treatment. However, when suffering from chronic forms of​ gout the​ symptoms reappear after certain periods of​ time and​ ongoing treatment is​ necessary.

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