Isnt It Time For You To Change Your Belief System

Isnt It Time For You To Change Your Belief System

The Importance of​ Belief Systems

I remember when I first started learning about what it​ took to​ become successful, and​ began studying the​ people who were a​ success. One of​ the​ first things I noticed was that rich people often started out just like any other normal person.

They did not necessarily come from rich families, or​ have a​ good education. However one thing they did have was a​ belief system that supported their dreams. in​ this article I am going to​ examine our psychological belief systems, and​ why they are important in​ achieving success in​ life.

So What Exactly is​ a​ Belief System Anyway?

Well put simply, belief systems are things that you regard to​ be true, or​ you believe to​ occur in​ a​ particular way. for​ example, one belief system could be that only lucky people become successful.

These beliefs then edit your reality, by acting like filters in​ the​ brain. the​ world you see around you then becomes shaped by these beliefs. So your beliefs therefore have a​ big effect on how you act, and​ the​ things you believe that you can do.

How Do Belief Systems Form?

When you are born, you arrive into the​ world with no beliefs. You have no idea how it​ works, or​ what is​ possible, and​ so you have no filters in​ the​ brain. at​ this point you believe anything is​ possible, which is​ why children have such wild imaginations.

However because we have no beliefs, we have to​ learn them from someone. and​ because as​ children we spend most of​ the​ time with our parents, our beliefs first come from them.

This means that eventually as​ we grow older we begin to​ adopt a​ mixture of​ our mothers and​ fathers beliefs as​ to​ how the​ world works, and​ what is​ possible or​ impossible to​ do. Sometimes these can be good beliefs, and​ sometimes these can be limiting bad beliefs.

Self Belief

So, for​ example, your parents may have been very optimistic people and​ believed anything was possible if​ you really wanted it. When you grew older there would be a​ strong chance you will also have this belief, and​ have the​ same optimistic outlook on life.

Alternatively, your parents could have had very limiting beliefs. They told you that life was hard and​ nobody except the​ rich make it​ in​ life. You will then adopt this belief and​ that’s how you live your adult life.

Other Sources of​ Beliefs

Another major source that forms belief systems in​ children is​ school. for​ example. One common belief told to​ children is​ that if​ they don’t do well at​ school, and​ get high grades, then they will never be successful in​ life.

But if​ you look at​ who becomes successful, most highly successful people didn’t get good grades at​ school, and​ a​ large percentage of​ them dropped out early. So obviously this belief isn’t true. But for​ the​ people who don’t get good grades and​ then adopt this limiting belief system, it​ will most likely limit what they believe they can and​ ultimately will achieve.

Changing Your Belief Systems

So beliefs have a​ massive influence on our life and​ effect not only how we perceive the​ world, but also how we act in​ it. However whilst our beliefs may be formed during our childhood, this does not necessarily mean beliefs can’t be changed. This is​ why identifying and​ removing limiting belief systems is​ so important, as​ it​ could quite literally change your life.

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