Is Your Smoking Habit Harmful To Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog

Is Your Smoking Habit Harmful To Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog

One little known but very real danger to​ Pit Bulls is​ second hand smoke. We know that second hand smoke has been proven to​ cause cancer and many other health problems among people,​ there is​ now research being done to​ see how it​ affects household pets. So far there have been some instances where animals exposed to​ second hand smoke have higher risk factors for developing cancer and many other diseases.

These studies so far have shown links to​ second hand smoke and nasal cancer and lung cancer in​ dogs. the​ longer you​ expose your Pit Bull to​ second hand smoke,​ the​ more you​ are putting his health at​ risk. as​ a​ Pit Bull owner myself,​ I feel as​ though even a​ small risk is​ too much when it​ comes to​ his health. as​ loving and responsible Pit Bull owners it​ is​ up to​ us to​ protect them from every possible danger we can,​ so why take unnecessary risks.

It is​ important to​ have your Pit Bull regularly examined by his veterinarian,​ and if​ he has been exposed to​ second hand smoke,​ you​ should advise your veterinarian of​ this as​ soon as​ possible. in​ many cases being diagnosed early can save your Pit Bull’s life,​ not just with cancer,​ but with all kinds of​ other diseases as​ well. you​ should ensure your Pit Bull has regular preventative care appointments with his veterinarian so you​ can catch any potential problems early and treat them before they compromise your Pit Bull’s health.

If the​ love if​ your Pitt Bull is​ not enough to​ stop you​ from exposing him to​ second hand smoke,​ just think of​ the​ costs of​ treating him,​ if​ he were to​ develop cancer or​ sickness from exposure. Most cancers,​ not all,​ are treatable if​ diagnosed early,​ but the​ treatment for dogs that have cancer is​ much the​ same as​ that for humans. you​ would be looking at​ possible surgery,​ and tons of​ chemotherapy or​ radiation,​ which over time is​ sure to​ amount in​ large veterinary bills. Even with treatment,​ there is​ no guarantee of​ a​ cure. you​ may very well being exposing your Pit Bull to​ something that could very easily kill him. Scary thought,​ isn’t it?

So the​ next time you​ light up around your Pit Bull,​ ask yourself is​ it​ worth possibly losing his life? if​ you​ must smoke,​ go to​ an​ area away from him,​ and try not to​ let other people smoke in​ his vicinity either. you​ are responsible for your Pit Bull’s safety,​ so why take useless chances with him?

Is Your Smoking Habit Harmful To Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog

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