Is Your Employer Giving You Asbestos Cancer

Is Your Employer Giving You Asbestos Cancer

There is​ some evidence that family members of​ workers heavily exposed to​ asbestos face an​ increased risk of​ developing mesothelioma. This risk is​ thought to​ result from exposure to​ asbestos fibers brought into the​ home on the​ shoes, clothing, skin, and​ hair of​ workers.

How High is​ the​ Risk for​ Cancer?

Not all workers exposed to​ asbestos will develop diseases related to​ their exposure. the​ risk of​ developing asbestos-related diseases varies with the​ type of​ industry in​ which the​ exposure occurred and​ with the​ extent of​ the​ exposure. Asbestos that is​ bonded into finished products such as​ walls and​ tiles poses no risk to​ health as​ long as​ it​ is​ not damaged or​ disturbed in​ such a​ way as​ to​ release fibers into the​ air. When asbestos fibers are set free and​ inhaled, however, exposed individuals are at​ risk of​ developing an​ asbestos-related disease.

How does smoking affect risk?

Many studies have shown that the​ combination of​ smoking and​ asbestos exposure is​ particularly hazardous. Smokers who are also exposed to​ asbestos have a​ greatly increased risk of​ lung cancer. However, smoking combined with asbestos exposure does not appear to​ increase the​ risk of​ mesothelioma.

Asbestos diseases are said to​ follow the​ trail of​ exposure. That means that wherever people have received asbestos exposure, regardless of​ their trade, age, sex or​ race, they are at​ risk of​ cancer and​ other diseases.

Unfortunately, the​ effects of​ asbestos on the​ human body were known to​ be deadly for​ years by the​ companies who employed the​ ‘greatest generation’ and​ made hundreds of​ millions, if​ not billions, of​ dollars off of​ their backs. But instead of​ taking simple steps to​ alleviate the​ problem and​ save the​ lives of​ thousands of​ their workers, they choose to​ do nothing and​ continue to​ make a​ “healthy” profit with a​ “deadly” product.

A life-threatening illness is​ terribly emotional. it​ has a​ broad impact and​ affects many people - family, friends and​ co-workers.

Many employers even went so far as​ to​ hide the​ truth from their workers and​ their families. and​ because the​ normal latency period for​ Mesothelioma is​ 20 to​ 30 years, many got away with this for​ years.

We urge you to​ find out more about Asbestos, and​ know your legal rights today!

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