Is Your Domain Name SEO Friendly

When you​ first start an​ Internet business one of​ the​ first items on​ the​ list,​ after you've written your business model,​ is​ getting a​ domain name. in​ years past it​ wasn't as​ difficult to​ find a​ decent name for your site. Today however,​ it's not as​ easy to​ get your dot com name. the​ process of​ registering a​ name has improved substantially but the​ availability for descriptive names is​ far more difficult. Why is​ this a​ problem you​ may ask? It's more of​ a​ problem for small and home business sites than it​ is​ for larger companies. the​ reason is​ simple and I can sum it​ up in​ one word: money.

Larger companies,​ especially public companies have the​ funding to​ advertise their new sites,​ therefore they don't really need to​ have names that reflect the​ type of​ business they are in. I can site a​ perfect example,​ Go,​ has absolutely nothing to​ do with the​ type of​ business Go Daddy is​ in. But being the​ largest register of​ domain names,​ GoDaddy can advertise on​ all media levels to​ get business including buying advertising time on​ the​ Super Bowl! if​ you​ are starting a​ home based business on​ the​ Internet,​ I'll bet that you​ won't be buying time on​ television not to​ mention next year's Super Bowl.

Okay,​ where am I going with all of​ this? you​ are on​ a​ limited budget when you​ start your business and you​ must rely on​ free traffic to​ your site,​ because without traffic you​ have no business. This is​ what I described in​ my article on​ organic traffic a​ few weeks ago. in​ order to​ get substantial traffic to​ your site you'll need to​ have an​ optimized site. This all has to​ do with keywords and something called keyword density. you​ achieve this by having your most important keywords dispersed throughout your website and your domain name. (See I did come to​ the​ point of​ this article.)

Most SEO,​ search engine optimization,​ programs first look at​ the​ domain name and your major keywords. They look to​ see if​ your domain name and site title have any commonality. if​ they do your site receives extra points in​ the​ SEO algorithm,​ (a logical step-by-step procedure for solving a​ mathematical problem in​ a​ finite number of​ steps,​ often involving repetition of​ the​ same basic operation.) I hope that I haven't lost you​ here because all of​ this is​ very important,​ especially to​ home based Internet business owners.

Most SEO programs will constantly refer back to​ the​ domain name and those words which match the​ dominate keyword phrases that you​ have chosen. When your site is​ optimized,​ search engines will pick up your scent,​ so to​ speak,​ and you​ will have great placement and positioning on​ searches that have your keywords. All of​ this amounts to​ substantial traffic.

I'm not an​ expert on​ SEO and I don't pretend to​ be but I've spent my share of​ time in​ attempting to​ understand it​ and how it​ effects my site. I can recommend two areas of​ my site that I think are beneficial to​ you: Web Site Design and Search Engine Optimization at​ There are a​ lot of​ submission services as​ well. Some of​ them are good and some of​ them are not so good. Try to​ optimize first.

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