Is Your Dog Ever A Pain In The Neck

Is Your Dog Ever A Pain In The Neck

Do you​ ever experience those moments when your dog is​ a​ proverbial,​ "Pain in​ the​ neck"?

Maybe you're sitting at​ your desk,​ and your dog won't stop shoving his head into your lap... demanding attention?

Or maybe she's just restless for whatever reason. or​ feeling needy?

Well,​ there's really three things you​ can do:

#1: you​ can put the​ dog in​ the​ kennel/crate. Just because your dog is​ demanding attention,​ doesn't mean that he's always going to​ get it. Remember: You're the​ Alpha dog. You're the​ pack leader. if​ you​ let your dog decide when to​ play,​ you're communicating an​ important lesson: That you're NOT the​ pack leader,​ and you​ DON'T make the​ decisions. I recommend putting the​ dog in​ the​ crate when you're sure that your dog has already been exercised,​ played with,​ and given attention. in​ other words: When you​ know his demand for attention is​ a​ dominance ruse.

#2: Put the​ dog into a​ formal "down-stay." Even though your dog won't be actively doing something,​ he will be inactively concentrating (and becoming conditioned) to​ hold the​ "down-stay" for longer and longer periods of​ time. How long can you​ expect your dog to​ hold a​ "down-stay" exercise for,​ while you're in​ the​ same room? How about 2-3 hours! Don't believe me? I have a​ drawer full of​ testimonials from readers of​ my books and dvds who regularly have their dogs hold the​ "down-stay" while they watch t.v.,​ drink coffee,​ wash the​ dishes,​ work on​ the​ computer,​ etc...

#3: Even better than #1 and #2,​ you​ can use your dog's restless mood to​ practice active obedience exercises. Channel her need for attention into something positive. You'd be surprised at​ how just 10 minutes of​ working your dog through the​ various obedience routines (sit,​ down,​ heel,​ come,​ stay) can "wear your dog out,​" mentally. Then,​ finish up with a​ good 20 minute (or more!) "down-stay" exercise while you're going about your household chores.

That's all for now,​ folks!

Is Your Dog Ever A Pain In The Neck

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