Is Your Dog Annoying The Neighbors How To Deal With Excessive Barking

Is Your Dog Annoying The Neighbors How To Deal With Excessive Barking

Along with a​ baby's crying,​ the​ persistant barking of​ a​ dog is​ one of​ the​ most annoying sounds. But is​ there anything you​ can do as​ a​ dog owner to​ 'persuade' your pooch to​ stop barking? Here are a​ few suggestions from an​ experienced dog owner.

The bark. it​ can be annoying. But,​ in​ effect,​ it​ is​ the​ way the​ dog is​ communicating to​ you. For example,​ it​ can mean,​ ‘hello’ or​ it​ can mean ‘go away.’ it​ can mean that they want to​ play or​ that they are protecting their territory. you​ may think your dog is​ barking too much,​ or​ your neighbors may think so. But,​ before you​ can put an​ end to​ your trouble,​ it’s best to​ figure out why she is​ barking in​ the​ first place.

Some dogs have been breed to​ bark so it​ is​ instinctive that they bark endlessly. For example,​ the​ beagle is​ a​ hunting dog and was trained to​ bark when it​ spotted the​ prey. Another example are some toy dogs which were bred to​ be a​ warning signals of​ invasion. Even so,​ some dogs within these breeds bark more than they should,​ some more than others.

Did you​ encourage this behavior in​ your dog? if​ you​ give your dog a​ reward for barking then they are thinking it’s a​ good thing. Not necessarily a​ treat,​ the​ reward may have been attention. Even if​ you​ think it​ was a​ scolding you​ gave her,​ she saw it​ as​ attention. Are you​ trying to​ quiet her? Did you​ bend down and pet her,​ sooth her or​ just talk to​ her? Yes,​ this is​ attention. you​ are actually encouraging this behavior when the​ dog barks and you​ react like this.

There are several ways in​ which you​ can work with your dog to​ stop this behavior. One of​ those ways is​ to​ use a​ bark collar. These collars all work in​ different ways but they can disperse a​ citronella scent that the​ dog doesn’t like or​ they can even provide a​ small shock when the​ bad behavior occurs. But,​ this will not work in​ all cases and some do not like the​ idea of​ ‘hurting’ the​ animal even though the​ dog is​ not harmed at​ all. Another solution would be to​ use a​ professional trainer or​ to​ pick up a​ few books that are how to’s on​ training your animal and work one on​ one with the​ dog to​ stop the​ behavior.

When a​ dog barks,​ he is​ protecting you​ or​ just warning you. the​ dog is​ trained by ancestors to​ do just that; to​ warn people. it​ makes sense then that the​ dog would be a​ little upset at​ there is​ a​ man approaching the​ house even though he visits daily with the​ mail. the​ dog wants you​ to​ know that the​ man is​ there and that you​ should react to​ the​ mailman. Those dogs that do bark too much may need some help. you​ can find a​ lot of​ help on​ training your dog to​ stop barking in​ books or​ with professionals. Use training as​ well as​ patience to​ help your dog learn when its okay and when it​ is​ not.

Is Your Dog Annoying The Neighbors How To Deal With Excessive Barking

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