Is Travel Insurance A Waste Of Money

Is Travel Insurance A Waste Of Money

Is Travel Insurance a​ Waste of​ Money?
If youre planning a​ vacation youve probably already been offered travel insurance more than once .​

And if​ ​ youre like most people you​ quickly dismissed the​ idea and​ went about your business.
But dont be so quick to​ decide .​

While travel insurance is​ not always a​ good idea,​ there are times when it​ can come in​ handy.
What is​ covered?
While coverage can vary from one carrier to​ another,​ travel insurance policies generally cover
Trip cancellation or​ interruption due to​ weather,​ sickness,​ airline bankruptcy/strike,​ or​ terrorist activity.
Medical expenses incurred while in​ a​ foreign country .​

if ​ you​ get sick while on​ African safari,​ you​ may find that your medical plan does not cover foreign care or​ that the​ coverage is​ severely limited.
Baggage and​ belongings that are lost,​ stolen,​ or​ damaged.
Accidental death and​ dismemberment if​ ​ you​ are seriously or​ fatally injured while on​ vacation.
So when should I​ ​ buy travel insurance?
Well,​ if​ ​ you​ are going on​ a​ relatively inexpensive trip that is​ not likely to​ be canceled or​ delayed and​ you​ are young,​ healthy,​ and​ not planning on​ doing anything dangerous then you​ can probably skip it.
But if​ ​ you​ are planning your honeymoon or​ a​ once in​ a​ lifetime trip,​ especially to​ a​ an​ area where weather is​ a​ concern,​ you​ should consider travel insurance .​

The small investment will be well worth it.
If you​ are elderly or​ in​ poor health youre more likely to​ need medical attention while on​ vacation .​

Likewise if​ ​ you​ are planning to​ take part in​ potentially dangerous activities such as​ rockclimbing or​ cliff diving.
Remember too that you​ dont have to​ be doing anything risky to​ get hurt .​

You could be taking a​ lazy afternoon sightseeing drive and​ get hit by a​ reckless driver .​

if ​ that happens,​ youll be glad you​ bought some extra insurance.

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