Is There Any Travel Insurance For A Wedding Dress

Is There Any Travel Insurance For A Wedding Dress

It’s a​ no-brainer to​ say that a​ wedding is​ a​ major investment. in​ the​ United States,​ the​ average cost of​ a​ wedding is​ in​ the​ tens of​ thousands. Weddings are the​ culmination of​ years of​ love,​ trust and lots of​ savings,​ with families laying their hearts and bank accounts on​ the​ line. Given the​ expense and extravagance of​ many weddings and the​ dozens of​ factors that put a​ wedding at​ risk –tropical storms,​ illnesses,​ deaths,​ caterers and dress shops that go bankrupt and cold feet (to name a​ few),​ it​ should come as​ no surprise that more and more families are purchasing wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance is​ a​ type of​ insurance that covers the​ numerous potential disasters surrounding a​ wedding (depending on​ which plan you​ buy),​ and puts those who lay out massive sums of​ money for the​ celebration at​ a​ reduced financial risk.

It might surprise you​ that the​ number one most common wedding insurance claim occurs when a​ bridal shop suddenly goes bankrupt and the​ bride is​ out a​ wedding dress. Since the​ wedding dress is​ such an​ integral and fragile part of​ a​ wedding,​ it​ is​ often a​ key point of​ concern for those who buy wedding insurance.

People who travel for their weddings might be considering travel insurance and wondering if​ a​ wedding dress is​ covered. the​ answer to​ that question depends on​ the​ parameters of​ a​ traveler’s insurance policy. Traveler’s insurance is​ different from wedding insurance,​ and a​ traveler’s insurance policy will likely cover your possessions as​ you​ travel –i.e.,​ the​ dress. However,​ that is​ not guaranteed. if​ you​ choose to​ purchase traveler’s insurance for your wedding,​ go over the​ policy with the​ salesperson and be sure the​ dress is​ covered.

Many wedding insurance plans extend their coverage throughout the​ United States and offer additional travel insurance. if​ you​ are planning a​ destination wedding,​ then I recommend purchasing a​ wedding insurance policy that contains provisions for travel.

These kinds of​ insurance policies typically cost no more that 1,​000 dollars. For a​ wedding that’s around or​ above the​ average cost of​ 27,​000 dollars,​ that’s a​ huge bargain. in​ addition to​ covering a​ damaged or​ misplaced dress,​ most wedding insurance policies will cover broken or​ lost wedding gifts,​ damaged wedding photographs or​ videos,​ deadbeat caterers,​ or​ in​ some instances a​ change of​ heart in​ the​ bride or​ groom.

All in​ all,​ I would say travel and/or wedding insurance is​ a​ fairly good investment. I’d hate to​ see someone I love have their wedding marred or​ ruined by unfortunate circumstances. And I’d hate it​ even more if​ I was footing the​ bill for a​ wedding that went awry and had to​ be re-scheduled. in​ recent times we’ve seen incredible disasters like the​ 9/11 terrorist attacks,​ hurricane Katrina and the​ massive tsunami. All of​ these horrific events took place in​ locations where one might want to​ hold a​ destination wedding,​ which should be a​ stark reminder of​ why it​ is​ so critical to​ cover your bases and get traveler’s and wedding insurance.

A few companies that offer wedding insurance are Fireman's Fund,​ WedSafe Wedding Insurance Program offered through Affinity Insurance Services Inc.,​ and Traveler's Insurance.

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