Is The Tanning Bed Your Friend Or Enemy

Is The Tanning Bed Your Friend Or Enemy

How many people do you know who use a​ tanning bed? However many people you know to​ be using a​ tanning bed, you can bet that there are even more people using one than you would ever realize. Small businesses such as​ Laundromats or​ nail salons have added tanning beds as​ a​ way of​ generating more revenue. But, while the​ use and​ popularity of​ the​ tanning bed continues to​ grow, is​ it​ really safe to​ use or​ could you be increasing your risks for​ skin cancer?

Without question, UV radiation has been proven to​ cause skin cancer. There are two basic types of​ UV—Ultraviolet a​ (UVA) and​ Ultraviolet B (UVB). UVB radiation is​ produced by the​ sun and​ responsible for​ the​ sunburns people get when outside for​ too long. a​ tanning bed uses UVA radiation which is​ considered less harmful than UVB but has still been shown to​ cause skin cancer. Both have been shown to​ cause skin cancer but it​ is​ agreed that UVA penetrates deeper into the​ skin than its UVB counterpart. This is​ how a​ tanning bed can produce suntans in​ so little time.

Aside from increased skin cancer risks, a​ tanning bed may also cause other problems for​ users. When constantly exposed to​ the​ UVA radiation of​ a​ tanning bed, the​ immune system may actually weaken over time. Naturally, this will lead to​ increased chances for​ illness. Also, it​ is​ not known if​ the​ damage to​ the​ immune system is​ reversible after a​ person ceases using a​ tanning bed. Research is​ still being conducted to​ answer this question.

Consistent use of​ a​ tanning bed may also cause damage to​ the​ skin itself. This is​ because a​ tanning bed will evaporate the​ moisture in​ our skin and​ cause it​ to​ dry out. in​ time, the​ skin will appear leathery and​ wrinkled. the​ effects of​ long-term tanning bed exposure to​ the​ skin are irreversible and​ there is​ still an​ increased chance of​ skin cancer developing later on down the​ road.

Supporters point out that people who sunburn easily should use a​ tanning bed because it​ will “pre-tan” the​ skin. the​ idea is​ that if​ a​ person goes and​ gets a​ tan from a​ tanning bed first, then their skin will not be as​ vulnerable to​ sunburn when playing outdoors. Actually, this is​ a​ very valid point but remember that both UVA and​ UVB radiation have been shown to​ cause skin cancer. So, while a​ tanning bed may reduce chances of​ sunburn, it​ may not decrease chances for​ skin cancer.

Despite the​ risks, no one can argue that the​ popularity of​ the​ tanning bed continues to​ grow. if​ for​ no other reason than mere convenience, the​ ability to​ get a​ tan in​ minutes and​ have healthier looking skin is​ too tempting for​ many to​ pass up. This is​ especially true today where people have less and​ less time to​ naturally tan. However, just remember that a​ tanning bed can and​ will damage your skin after prolonged exposure and​ skin cancer is​ still a​ very real possibility. But, when used in​ moderation, a​ tanning bed can indeed decrease your chances of​ sunburn and​ give you beautiful, tanned skin in​ mere minutes.

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