Is Tamoxifen Effective In Curing Breast Cancer

Is Tamoxifen Effective In Curing Breast Cancer

Tamoxifen, known in​ the​ trade as​ Nolvadex, is​ usually prescribed by specialists in​ breast cancer and​ is​ taken in​ pill form. a​ patient will stay on the​ drug for​ about five years.

Often the​ woman's cancer will be tested to​ see if​ it​ is​ sensitive to​ the​ amount of​ oestrogen in​ the​ system. if​ the​ cancer is​ oestrogen sensitive, tamoxifen will be given.

Because tamoxifen is​ such a​ weak estrogen, its estrogen signals don't stimulate very much cell growth. and​ because it​ has stolen the​ place away from more powerful estrogen, it​ blocks estrogen-stimulated cancer cell growth. in​ this way, tamoxifen acts like an​ "anti-estrogen."

Tamoxifen may also take the​ place of​ natural estrogen in​ the​ receptors of​ healthy breast cells. in​ that way it​ holds down growth activity, and​ possibly stops abnormal growth and​ the​ development of​ a​ totally new breast cancer. By blocking natural estrogen from getting to​ the​ receptors, tamoxifen is​ helpful in​ reducing the​ risk of​ breast cancer in​ women at​ high risk who have never had breast cancer. it​ also can help women who have already had breast cancer in​ one breast by lowering the​ risk of​ a​ new breast cancer forming in​ the​ other breast.

One study found that radiation plus tamoxifen was much better than tamoxifen alone at​ reducing the​ risk of​ breast cancer coming back after a​ lumpectomy in​ women with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. This was true even for​ women with very small cancers.

For pre-menopausal women, tamoxifen is​ the​ best hormonal therapy. But tamoxifen is​ no longer the​ first choice for​ post-menopausal women. if​ you've been on tamoxifen for​ two to​ three years and​ now you're in​ menopause, your doctor may recommend that you switch to​ an​ aromatase inhibitor to​ finish your five years of​ hormonal therapy. However, you can still get a​ lot of​ benefit if​ you take tamoxifen for​ up to​ five years and​ then switch to​ an​ aromatase inhibitor.

Tamoxifen was first used to​ fight breast cancer at​ the​ Christie Hospital in​ Manchester, England, in​ 1969. it​ has since proved its worth as​ means of​ stopping the​ spread or​ recurrence of​ the​ disease in​ women who have already been treated for​ it.

But, it​ was noticed back in​ the​ early 1980s that some women who were receiving the​ drug for​ cancer in​ one breast did not develop any tumorous growth in​ the​ other. This prompted the​ suggestion that Tamoxifen might have another preventative role for​ those women who are at​ risk of​ getting breast cancer but have yet to​ develop any signs of​ the​ disease.

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