Is SEO Cost Effective

Is SEO Cost Effective

Search Engine Optimization,​ or​ SEO,​ is​ often lauded as​ being one of​ the​ more affordable and cost effective forms of​ online advertising. While this can be true,​ it​ is​ important to​ remember that an​ SEO campaign should be an​ ongoing process to​ ensure the​ best results. it​ is​ also true that the​ more competitive the​ keywords you​ target,​ the​ more costly a​ campaign will prove and the​ less cost effective it​ will be. There are methods to​ help ensure that an​ SEO campaign proves both effective and cost effective.

One Page – One SEO Campaign

Every individual page on​ your site should be treated as​ a​ separate potential SEO campaign. By establishing a​ single campaign per page you​ can ensure that each page is​ properly optimized. the​ consequence of​ attempting to​ promote an​ entire site with one SEO campaign is​ that different pages should target different keywords and different visitors.

Not only does this help to​ ensure a​ more effective SEO marketing campaign for your site as​ a​ whole,​ it​ also enables easier tracking of​ performance and monitoring of​ ROI. Most pages will have different requirements according to​ the​ competitiveness of​ keywords and the​ return per lead for each page. Tailoring an​ SEO campaign to​ meet these individual requirements helps to​ ensure its effectiveness.

Building a​ Link Profile

Gone are the​ days of​ cramming a​ page with keywords and subsequently seeing it​ ranked highly in​ the​ SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). One of​ the​ most important facets of​ an​ SEO campaign is​ the​ building of​ a​ powerful link profile. Search engines use the​ number of​ links pointing to​ your site as​ a​ guide to​ its value. Not only do they consider the​ sheer weight of​ links,​ though,​ they also take into account the​ value of​ the​ page where the​ link is​ found.

The most effective link profile should consist of​ a​ combination of​ directory links and website links,​ single page links and site-wide links,​ even inbound and reciprocal links. However,​ all of​ these links need to​ be relevant and from good quality sites. Some marketers and webmasters opt for paid linking because it​ enables them to​ effectively select the​ pages where there link will appear.

While paid linking does offer greater control over the​ pages that link to​ you,​ it​ can prove very costly. Paying for links in​ high quality directories should provide more than a​ link profile boost,​ though,​ and this should also be taken into consideration. the​ same is​ also true of​ links placed in​ prominent positions on​ busy and relevant pages.

Ongoing SEO Work

SEO is​ not a​ one-off marketing package. Everything about an​ SEO campaign should be regularly monitored and optimized according to​ results and other figures. Keyword popularity and the​ number of​ sites competing for the​ top positions can make some keywords less competitive while others become more appealing.

Sites that are especially caught up in​ highly competitive markets will find that they need to​ build a​ particularly powerful link profile. This will take time,​ especially if​ the​ link profile is​ to​ appear natural to​ the​ search engines. Less competitive pages will also need to​ keep their profile updated and will need to​ ensure that they are still targeting appropriate keywords.

Is SEO Cost Effective

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