Is A Pre Purchase Inspection Worth The Cost When Buying A Used Vehicle

Is A Pre Purchase Inspection Worth The Cost When Buying A Used Vehicle

When people are doing research on how to​ buy a​ used vehicle, they often see information encouraging them to​ have an​ independent pre-purchase inspection done of​ the vehicle before purchasing it, but people may wonder whether or​ not it’s worth the money. it​ is​ almost always a​ good investment.

For around $100 you can typically get a​ general inspection of​ the mechanical condition of​ a​ vehicle. it​ is​ generally a​ good idea to​ have this done even if​ the vehicle has been certified and inspected by the dealer. Ask your regular car mechanic to​ do the inspection for you. if​ you don’t have a​ regular car mechanic ask family and friends for their recommendations. or​ look for certified facilities.

There are also companies that specialize in​ pre-purchase inspections. Their services often include an​ estimate of​ what the vehicle is​ worth so you’ll know whether or​ not you’re being asked to​ pay too much money for the vehicle.

A company specializing in​ pre-purchase inspections may be your best bet if​ a​ dealer won’t allow you to​ take a​ used vehicle you’re looking at​ off the lot (maybe because of​ insurance reasons). Companies specializing in​ pre-purchase inspections usually will come to​ where the vehicle is. One of​ the drawbacks of​ this type of​ service though is​ that they cannot put the vehicle up on a​ lift to​ look at​ the underbody for any obvious damage. But they can still do a​ fairly thorough job of​ inspecting the vehicle and find obvious problems that could cost you a​ lot of​ money down the road.

Make sure to​ get a​ written copy of​ the inspection report, including the estimated costs for any necessary repairs the vehicle needs. Make sure the report includes the make, model and VIN of​ the vehicle. if​ the vehicle needs repairs done and you still want to​ purchase it, you can use the inspection report to​ help negotiate a​ better purchase price.

Having a​ pre-inspection done can help you avoid buying someone else’s problem or​ lemon. Almost everyone knows of​ someone who has had a​ bad experience when buying a​ used vehicle – both private party and from a​ dealer. People may unknowingly buy a​ vehicle that was in​ a​ major accident, didn’t show the accurate mileage, was in​ a​ flood, or​ was a​ salvage vehicle – all things that can cost major repair dollars down the road and major headaches. Having a​ pre-purchase inspection done can help you avoid having your own horror story to​ share.

Is A Pre Purchase Inspection Worth The Cost When Buying A Used Vehicle

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