Is Opportunity Knocking At Your Door Right Now

Is Opportunity Knocking At Your Door Right Now

Bill Gates is​ quoted as​ saying "there has never been a​ time like the present, with so many opportunities". It's almost like the California gold rush, only its so much bigger, because of​ the global reach of​ the Internet and other global technologies. The possibilities are endless.

Everybody is​ "looking" for opportunities, but very see it​ and even fewer exploit it. There's the now famous story of​ the two men who visited India together. Upon their arrival in​ India one of​ the men was so struck and rather appalled by the abject poverty of​ the masses. His companion however, saw something else.

He saw an​ opportunity, an​ opportunity to​ shoe millions of​ feet and make himself a​ fortune in​ the process.

This man is​ said to​ have gone on and established a​ shoe company which produced millions of​ shoes and made him a​ very wealthy man.

There are thousands of​ other similar stories, of​ people who turned what seemed to​ be somebody's problem into a​ fortune, including the story of​ South African born Hotel magnate Sol Kerzner.

Kerzner turned an​ Island in​ the Bahamas which was considered only good enough to​ be used as​ a​ rubbish dump, into what is​ today known as​ the resort Island, Atlantis.

Opportunities come disguised in​ many forms and shapes. They may come disguised as​ hard work, hardships, difficulties
and obstacles. When you see them as​ opportunities and take them, who knows where you may end up?

Consider this: You may say I'm not going to​ knock on that door, because I don't like knocking on doors. The person opening that door may give you the big break you have been looking for, but you may just have missed it​ forever. After allhow could you have guessed? That's right! You couldn't have.

Ever heard someone say, "It was a​ blessing in​ disguise"?

There are opportunities to​ make money, opportunities for happiness but there are also opportunities for personal growth. Opportunities to​ discover what you are capable of, to​ turn weaknesses into strengths. Oportunities to​ help others and help yourself in​ the process. There are opportunities to​ bless and be blessed in​ return.

Do you see all these opportunities? And if​ you do, do you take them? or​ are you like those people who are only looking for that one big opportunity that will turn you into an​ instant millionaire.

Sun Tzu puts it​ so eloquently when he says, "opportunities multiply as​ they are seized". People who disregard all other opportunity, while waiting for that one big opportunity don't know what they are missing. They may in​ fact be missing the big opportunity itself, because you never know where every opportunity may take you, if​ you embrace it.

However there's one thing I know, won't get you anywhere. And that is​ sitting in​ your comfort chair, trying to​ figure out which is​ opportunity and which is​ not.

So, here is​ my advice, try everything and test everything. So what, if​ you failed or​ if​ things didn't work out. You have would have learned at​ least one thing. That particular venture isn't worthwhile or​ the method doesn't work. Don't allow your own cynicism or​ that of​ other people rob you of​ what may potentially be your biggest and best opportunity.

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