Is My Power Mall Really An International Online Shopping Mall

Is My Power Mall Really An International Online Shopping Mall

My Power Mall offers online shopping through over 1000 retail outlets and​ this means members can choose goods for​ convenient home delivery from millions of​ articles of​ merchandise. the​ growing popularity of​ shopping online is​ one of​ the​ reasons My Power Mall has become so popular so quickly, but is​ it​ really an​ international online shopping mall? the​ short answer at​ the​ moment has to​ be "no" or​ maybe "not yet", but let's look at​ the​ whole picture.

Online shopping becomes more popular every day and​ it​ is​ hardly surprising when you consider that it​ offers such convenience. it​ is​ no longer necessary for​ shoppers in​ isolated communities to​ make a​ long pilgrimage to​ a​ big city to​ find the​ items they want to​ purchase; shopping online means they can sit at​ home and​ buy what they want with a​ few clicks of​ their mouse. Parents are no longer forced to​ choose their purchases while trying to​ control active kids who would rather be anywhere other than at​ the​ shopping mall. Heavy or​ inconveniently large purchases no longer have to​ be lugged around, they are delivered right to​ the​ shopper's front door.

If convenience is​ not enough to​ persuade the​ average person to​ shop at​ online shopping malls, the​ shopping rebates available online will tip the​ balance in​ favour of​ the​ online shopping mall. My Power Mall offers online rebate shopping to​ anyone who becomes a​ member, but that is​ only part of​ the​ story. My Power Mall is​ not just about saving money; it​ is​ about making money as​ well. Members who introduce new members to​ My Power Mall also get paid a​ percentage of​ the​ shopping rebates earned by the​ people they have brought in.

At the​ time of​ writing this, My Power Mall is​ barely six months old and​ is​ undergoing incredible growth. in​ their FAQ they say: "We were surprised when so many International members joined us", the​ mere fact that this statement is​ included in​ the​ FAQ certainly makes it​ seem that the​ company has been overwhelmed by the​ amount of​ interest shown worldwide.

My Power Mall is​ an​ American company and​ was launched primarily to​ appeal to​ citizens of​ the​ United States. the​ vast majority of​ the​ retailers included in​ the​ 1000+ stores available at​ the​ launch of​ My Power Mall will only ship goods within the​ US but, again according to​ the​ company's FAQ, they are "working toward having a​ truly International Mall". They go on to​ say that they are working hard at​ locating merchants who will ship to​ all the​ countries represented by their international members. How successful they will be in​ performing this task remains to​ be seen. Finding even a​ handful of​ merchants to​ cater for​ each of​ the​ countries represented would involve locating hundreds of​ suitable retailers and​ vetting retailers of​ international companies would be a​ massive task.

The owners of​ My Power Mall are apparently committed to​ expanding the​ company to​ become an​ international online shopping mall but, right now, they have a​ long way to​ go before they can truly offer an​ international shopping mall. at​ the​ time of​ writing this, My Power Mall is​ an​ international home based business opportunity but a​ United States focused online shopping mall.

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