Is My Choice Of A Web Host Really That Important

Is My Choice Of A Web Host Really That Important

With such a​ huge market of​ web hosts on the​ Internet you may be lead to​ believe that they all are basically the​ same. I would caution you to​ rethink this philosophy.

There are web hosts that offer huge amounts of​ disk space for​ a​ small monthly fee and​ there are web host that offer a​ very limited amount of​ disk space, bandwidth, and​ email accounts for​ a​ more expensive price.

When searching for​ a​ web host there is​ more important factors to​ take into consideration.

When searching for​ a​ web host please look at​ the​ following factors:

What is​ there uptime guarantee?

May host offer a​ guarantee of​ uptime? Please inquire to​ determine if​ there are any discounts if​ they do not meet this guarantee because this is​ your business and​ if​ your website is​ not visible on the​ Internet you cannot sell your products or​ services. for​ instance, does your prospective web host offer a​ guarantee of​ discounts for​ each hour that your site is​ inaccessible from their servers or​ their network?

Ask for​ information regarding their network

On the​ Internet there are several interconnected networks. There are some networks that connect smaller networks to​ larger networks and​ some networks are top tier networks. it​ would be a​ good idea to​ ask your prospective host for​ their network diagram or​ documentation regarding there network backbone. a​ top-tier provider offers more reliable and​ faster connectivity while a​ host that connects via a​ 3rd party network may experience frequent network issues and​ reduced speed on there network. for​ an​ example please review 561Hosting's network provider info at: This is​ quite a​ bit of​ technical information. if​ you should need an​ explanation please visit: Our support staff will be happy to​ answer your questions via live chat or​ email.


Support is​ a​ very important factor as​ well in​ your decision-making process. Please ask your prospective web host about their support package. is​ there support 24/7, do they offer live chat? is​ there a​ cost? at​ some point you may need support and​ it​ is​ really reassuring to​ know that your web host is​ there when you need them.

Above are a​ few issues to​ consider when selecting a​ web host. There are more factors to​ be considered but the​ factors above determine if​ your experience with a​ web host will be a​ pleasant one or​ one that can rivals a​ natural disaster.

Is My Choice Of A Web Host Really That Important

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