Is Mens Skin Care Problematic Today

Is Mens Skin Care Problematic Today

Is mens skin care problematic today?
So,​ what do you​ say,​ do you​ think men face problems in​ skin care products? I ​ would say yes . ​
as​ with any market that proves itself profitable,​ most companies have recognized this trend,​ and​ are quick to​ throw out their new product to​ quickly cashin on​ this new trend . ​
Are they throwing out their products too fast? I ​ think allot of​ them are . ​
Over the​ past several years there has definitely been a​ sizeable increase in​ the​ sales of​ mens skin care products . ​
Now,​ men have about the​ same opportunity to​ waste their money on​ unnecessary and​ problematic skin care products as​ women do . ​

Think about this,​ as​ a​ man,​ while shaving,​ so you​ experience razor burn? Do you​ think its the​ way that you​ shave thats giving you​ razor burn? Honestly,​ you​ do what you​ con to​ save your face from wounds . ​

Take it​ from me,​ as​ a​ man,​ I ​ shave a​ lot . ​
I ​ use the​ same products that my dad used . ​
I ​ experienced razor burn . ​
I ​ thought it​ was the​ way I ​ did it . ​
to​ figure out what was really going on,​ I ​ had to​ find out what razor burn really is​ . ​
Razor burn is​ a​ series of​ ingrown hairs . ​
Most shaving creams contain irritating ingredients such as​ alcohol,​ menthol mint,​ and​ camphor,​ as​ well as​ high levels of​ potassium or​ sodium hydroxide . ​
These skin irritants make the​ hair follicle and​ skin swell,​ forcing the​ hair up and​ away from the​ skin,​ supposedly allowing for​ a​ closer shave . ​
Unfortunately,​ the​ irritation and​ resulting swelling cause some of​ the​ hair to​ be hidden by the​ swollen follicle and​ skin . ​
Note that sodium hydroxide is​ used in​ many skin care products at​ very low levelsthe lesser amount in​ the​ ingredient list on​ the​ label to​ adjust the​ ph value . ​
in​ these low quantities it​ is​ not irritating to​ skin . ​
Additionally the​ swollen skin makes it​ harder for​ the​ stubble to​ find its way back out . ​
if​ hair begins to​ grow and​ it​ almost immediately does before the​ swelling is​ reduced,​ the​ likelihood of​ ingrown hairs are increased . ​

When it​ comes to​ shaving,​ what can men do to​ take care of​ the​ skin on​ their face? Well,​ to​ start with,​ all men need a​ gentle,​ water soluble cleanser,​ a​ gentle shave product,​ either foam,​ cream,​ or​ gel,​ followed by a​ gentle,​ nonirritating aftershave or​ shaving lotion which is​ a​ masculine name for​ a​ gentle toner an​ ideal aftershave product for​ men would be an​ aspirin based topical product that uses an​ additional potent intiirritants . ​
Aspirin is​ a​ very effective antiinflammatory agent for​ irritated skin and​ is​ able to​ alleviate the​ redness and​ razor burn/bumps . ​

when it​ comes to​ skin care,​ us guys arent any different from women . ​
our skin is​ the​ same . ​
So just use your girlfriends,​ or​ your moms,​ or​ your sisters . ​
it​ will work the​ same way it​ works for​ her . ​

So thats it . ​
and​ as​ always,​ I ​ hope you​ found this article both informative and​ entertaining . ​
and​ may GOD bless you​ always,​ and​ in​ always . ​

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