Is Doggie Day Care Bad For Puppies

Is Doggie Day Care Bad For Puppies

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"I recently started taking my puppy to​ daycare and thought it​ was a​ godsend. Our 4 1/2 month old puppy comes home tired and ready to​ nap & love on​ our laps. After a​ 12 hour work day it​ was just the​ thing. But our trainer who is​ helping us says she'll develop separation anxiety if​ we take her there everyday and won't be able to​ stay alone at​ home and be happy. She suggested only letting the​ puppy go 2-3 times a​ week and then having her walked other days. Does anyone know if​ this is​ good advice?"

D. Ames - an​ individual with a​ ton of​ competition dog sport
experience - intelligently replied:

"1] I don't want to​ risk my puppy learning that other puppies can beat up on​ it,​ and [just as​ importantly] I don't want to​ risk my puppy learning that it​ can beat up on​ other puppies.

2] I don't want my puppy learning that playing with/interacting with other puppies or​ dogs is​ the​ highlight of​ its life. I want my puppy to​ learn that interacting with humans and relating to​ humans is​ the​ focus of​ its life.

3] I don't want to​ have my puppy/dog being exposed to​ health issues which other puppies/dogs bring with them. [e.g.: viral infection,​ bacterial infection,​ parasitic infection,​ etc.]

4] I don't want to​ entrust my pup's emotional,​ mental,​ physical well-being and development to​ someone else. They might be the​ most well-meaning individual. But,​ accidents happen. These accidents can and often do cause life-long negative effects on​ puppies.

Given the​ choice with no other options,​ I would enlist the​ assistance of​ a​ pet sitter/dog walker to​ come in​ and spend some one-on-one time with my puppy."

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Is Doggie Day Care Bad For Puppies

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