Is Dog Bad Breath A Silent Killer

Is Dog Bad Breath A Silent Killer

Dog bad breath a​ silent killer! I can just here it​ now. This is​ not an​ exaggeration,​ and for that matter cats too. Just imagine a​ condition that affects you​ furry friends,​ but most pet owners often neglect to​ even look for it.

Im talking specifically in​ this article about bad breath in​ dogs,​ however it​ can just as​ easily be applied to​ cats as​ well.

After doing alittle research on​ this topic of​ bad breath in​ dogs,​ I found that a​ very high percentage of​ dogs at​ a​ certain age have periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is​ condition in​ the​ mouth that over time and without attention to​ it,​ break down all the​ supporting gums and bone that hold the​ teeth in​ place.

No not a​ very pretty picture at​ all,​ and it​ also causes loss of​ the​ canines teeth. the​ bacteria that cause this type of​ condition not only causes the​ above mentioned,​ the​ bacteria can get loose from the​ teeth and enter in​ the​ dogs bloodstream.

Causing damage to​ the​ vital organs in​ the​ dogs body such as​ the​ kidneys,​ lungs,​ heart,​ and liver. With those kind of​ damaging results,​ its no wonder its dubbed the​ "Silent Killer of​ Pets".

As periodontal disease progresses it​ is​ marked by bad breath in​ your dog.

But Wait..

The good news is​ that this can be prevented. Good oral hygiene for your pets can become as​ regular a​ routine,​ as​ your daily brushing and flossing.

1. Regular trips to​ veterinarian.

This may seem pretty obvious,​ but is​ often neglected by many pet owners. Really it​ is​ the​ only way to​ know exactly where you​ stand in​ regard to​ your dogs health today

2. What your dog eats

Monitor what you​ feed your dog,​ can dog food(soft)has been reported as​ giving dogs plaque,​ that leads to​ tartar at​ very high percentages.

Dry dog food is​ much better for your dog,​ in​ that it​ wears away tartar build up.

3. Brush your dogs teeth regularly

This is​ a​ no-brainer if​ you​ have a​ dog,​ and want to​ prevent a​ serious condition like periodontal disease.

If you​ find it​ hard to​ brush your dogs teeth...

Use a​ product such as​ Oxyfresh Pet Oral Care to​ keep dogs breath fresher,​ and inhibit gum disease. it​ is​ added to​ your dogs drinking water,​ and because its odorless and tasteless,​ your dog doesn't even know its there.

Makers of​ this product reports they are selling this stuff in​ the​ goobs. Which means that it​ obviously works!

Your dogs health is​ a​ very serious matter if​ you​ truly love your dog,​ so be sure to​ give it​ the​ best care you​ can. Its no question these tips work to​ eliminate gum disease for your dog,​ will you?

Is Dog Bad Breath A Silent Killer

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