Iowa Real Estate Farmland Corn And Family Living

Iowa Real Estate Farmland Corn And Family Living

Iowa Real Estate – Farmland, Corn and​ Family Living
Iowa is​ definitely a​ farming state and​ corn is​ the​ dominant crop .​
Fortunately, Iowa real estate won’t take a​ large bite out of​ your bank account .​
Iowa is​ known for​ predominantly being a​ farming state and​ some people might view this as​ a​ bit boring .​
Such an​ assumption would be incorrect as​ Iowa has a​ lot to​ offer in​ other areas including museums, historic sites, river sports and​ a​ good bit of​ fun on large casino gambling boats .​
Iowa definitely provides for​ slower pace of​ life, but that isn’t so bad in​ these hectic times .​
Iowa City
Home to​ the​ University of​ Iowa, Iowa City has a​ definite college town atmosphere .​
Outdoor cafes litter the​ city and​ as​ do collections of​ coffee shops and​ odd little stores .​
Walking in​ Iowa City is​ highly recommended .​
You can expect to​ stroll through tree-lined streets full of​ families and​ students casually getting on with their day.
Des Moines
The capital of​ Iowa, Des Moines is​ located near the​ merge of​ the​ Raccoon and​ Des Moines rivers .​
The city isn’t so notable for​ its attractions as​ it​ is​ for​ a​ general atmosphere .​
Set on rolling hills, many of​ the​ neighborhoods are of​ the​ traditional white picket fence variety .​
Turning to​ celebrity trivia, John Wayne was born in​ Des Moines .​
On the​ business front, Des Moines is​ farming and​ insurance dominated with the​ city being the​ home of​ the​ third most number of​ insurance companies in​ the​ world .​
If you’re a​ first time homebuyer raising a​ family, you could do far worse than Des Moines .​
Iowa Real Estate
Iowa real estate is​ some of​ the​ cheapest in​ the​ country .​
a​ single family home will cost a​ little over $200,000 on average in​ Iowa City .​
The same home will set you back roughly $240,000 in​ Des Moines .​
Unfortunately, the​ appreciate rate for​ Iowa in​ 2018 was a​ disappointing 5.5 percent.

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