Invoice Discounting For Canadian Companies

Invoice Discounting For Canadian Companies

Invoice Discounting For Canadian Companies
Do you own a​ small or​ medium sized business? Then you know that obtaining business financing in​ Canada has not been an​ easy task .​
Until very recently, the Canadian business financing scene was dominated by banks and large institutions .​
They were always willing to​ provide business loans and credit to​ large businesses .​
But what about small and medium sized business owners, who could not easily qualify for a​ business loan?
Until recently, you were out of​ luck .​
But this is​ changing, now factoring companies have been setting up shop in​ Canada, offering their business financing and invoice discounting services to​ small and medium sized business owners across the country.
Do any of​ these sound familiar?
1 .​
You do business with large commercial clients .​
They pay slowly and that is​ hurting you
2 .​
You need money to​ pay salaries and suppliers
3 .​
You are turning large orders away because your funds are tied up in​ slow paying invoices
Although these problems appear different, they have a​ common root .​
You have slow paying clients and they are affecting your business .​
The solution to​ this problem is​ to​ accelerate client payments using invoice discounting (also known as​ invoice factoring) .​
Invoice discounting allows you to​ break the 45 day payment cycle and reduce it​ to​ 2 days .​
And it​ works without affecting your clients at​ all.
The invoice discounting premise is​ very simple .​
You sell your invoices from good (but slow paying) clients to​ a​ factoring company .​
The factoring company takes a​ small discount and advances you a​ substantial portion of​ what is​ owed to​ you.
Invoice discounting gives you the funds you need to​ run your company, while the factoring company waits to​ get paid by your client .​
This provides you with the necessary funds to​ run and grow your business and eliminates the headaches and uncertainties of​ waiting for payment .​
And as​ opposed to​ banking loans, invoice discounting is​ very easy and quick to​ obtain.
If slow paying clients are holding your business growth back, then invoice discounting is​ the solution that will help you grow.

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