Investing Without Insurance

Investing Without Insurance

Investing without insurance!
Why does the​ average investor is​ making far less money than the​ sophisticated investor? Well,​ they are lots o reasons why these happens.
One of​ the​ most important reasons is​ the​ lack of​ financial education,​ and the​ lack of​ information,​ which in​ our era is​ more important than the​ usual education,​ the​ kind of​ education that we receive at​ school .​
the​ average investor,​ invests accordingly with the​ advices that they are receiving from their financial advisors...
Invest on​ long term .​
Diversify .​
Buy cheap stocks.
And they continue to​ buy and lose .​
But what happens when the​ market is​ starting to​ fall? What are the​ financial advisors telling them?...

Don't worry .​
Continue investing on​ the​ long term.
But how long is​ the​ period included in​ the​ expression long term? in​ the​ operations known as​ commodity futures,​ the​ expression long term could mean 30 seconds .​
In business or​ real estate,​ the​ same expression could mean centuries.
the​ majority of​ the​ people who invests at​ the​ stock market,​ are
people over 50 years and in​ a​ few years will retire .​
What will this people do if​ the​ market will crush tomorrow,​ or​ next month,​ or​ next year,​ or​ over 5 years from now? Are they protected? Are they prepared for that?
An article from USA Today,​ says that the​ main fear of​ Americanness is​ not having money.
Do you​ realize? Americanness don't fear of​ a​ nuclear war,​ or​ the​ end of​ the​ world,​ or​ a​ new terrorist attack,​ they fear of​ not having money.
Then,​ why do so many people is​ investing without insurance? Why so many people is​ risking all the​ savings,​ all the​ money they worked for they're entire life?
the​ investment process doesn't have to​ be risky .​
Although the​ risk exists,​ the​ investments doesn't have to​ be risky .​
And you​ don't have to​ lose when the​ market decrease.
Tell me,​ please...

Would you​ buy a​ car without insurance? -- That would be a​ total madness .​
Would you​ buy a​ house without insurance? -- That would be even a​ bigger madness.
Do you​ agree with me?
If yes,​ tell me please...
the​ average investor is​ interested by average things,​ that's why is​ average .​
Average things are for the​ average people .​
Average investors like lukewarm things .​
But,​ if​ you​ want to​ be rich you​ must move away from the​ medium.
the​ average investor wins when the​ market grows and lose when the​ market decline.
the​ sophisticated investor makes money in​ both situations,​ especially when the​ market declines.
you​ can become rich when the​ market grows,​ but you​ can become very rich when the​ market falls.
So,​ while the​ average investor invest without any kind of​ insurance,​ the​ sophisticated investor invests with insurance.
And guess who is​ making more money,​ in​ less time and with little or​ no risks .​
So,​ if​ you​ want to​ be a​ rich man,​ think like an​ rich man.

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