Introduction To SEO What Is SEO

Introduction To SEO What Is SEO

Tough question,​ "What is​ SEO?". as​ with pretty much all internet-related terms,​ concepts and notions,​ that of​ "SEO" does not have a​ unique definition and it​ is​ a​ blurry concept in​ most people's mind.

Still,​ what is​ SEO? Since there is​ no ultimate,​ fully comprehensible definition for "SEO",​ the​ only way to​ go is​ to​ take a​ look at​ several definitions and try to​ merge them in​ order to​ have the​ right perspective.

Wikipedia : "Search engine optimization (SEO) is​ a​ set of​ methodologies aimed at​ improving the​ visibility of​ a​ website in​ search engine listings. the​ term also refers to​ an​ industry of​ consultants that carry out optimization projects on​ behalf of​ client sites."

Fakezilla : "The changes that are made to​ the​ content and code of​ a​ web site in​ order to​ increase its rankings in​ the​ results pages of​ search engines and directories. These changes may involve rewriting body copy,​ altering Title or​ Meta tags,​ removal of​ Frames or​ Flash content,​ and the​ seeking of​ incoming links."

The Web Search Workshop : "The term used to​ describe the​ marketing technique of​ preparing a​ website to​ enhance its chances of​ being ranked in​ the​ top results of​ a​ search engine once a​ relevant search is​ undertaken. a​ number of​ factors are important when optimizing a​ website,​ including the​ content and structure of​ the​ website's copy and page layout,​ the​ HTML meta-tags and the​ submission process."

6am Media : "The process of​ improving web pages so that it​ ranks higher in​ search engine for targeted keywords with the​ ultimate goal of​ generating more revenue from the​ web site. There are many SEO techniques. in​ general,​ these techniques can be categorized as​ On-Page Optimization,​ On-Site Optimization,​ and Off-Site Optimization. There are also two schools of​ SEO: white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEOs are those that play by the​ rule (actually guidelines provided by search engines). Black hat SEOs are those that push the​ limit of​ SEOs and employ some questionable or​ prohibited techniques (according to​ the​ guidelines). These black hat SEO techniques are also commonly known as​ spam."

Website NOVA : "acronym for search engine optimization. This is​ the​ process of​ making a​ website 'search-engine-friendly. Search engine optimization is​ primarily used to​ increase rankings in​ SERPs,​ and effective SEO can increase the​ potential of​ your website and bring in​ more traffic."

Thousands more definitions are available,​ almost as​ many "SEO guru's" you​ will find online ("The Guru Problem" is​ actually the​ title of​ another article to​ be published soon).
As you​ can see,​ no definition is​ like another,​ but they all tend to​ converge to​ a​ certain common understanding.

There are numerous techniques and tools used to​ achieve SEO goals,​ and they should NOT be included within a​ definition.

Since it​ is​ not correct to​ define a​ concept through its tools,​ here is​ a​ definition I have come up with after long deliberations. the​ suggestion is​ to​ define SEO as​ follows:

SEO = abbreviation for "Search Engine Optimization",​ the​ process of​ optimizing and tuning a​ web site and gaining online awareness for it,​ in​ order to​ deliver targeted visitors and ensure high conversion rates.

When done correctly,​ SEO activities must:
- make search engines crawl the​ site;
- make search engines index the​ site;
- ensure a​ high ranking among SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for given keywords;
- achieve a​ high page rank;
- drive targeted traffic;
- achieve high conversion rates among the​ site's visitors.

Since nothing is​ definitive and ultimate in​ the​ world of​ SEO,​ I'd like to​ receive your feedback and comments: is​ a​ way to​ contact me and speak up about your Marketing concerns.

Introduction To SEO What Is SEO

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