Introduction To SEO Strategies And Techniques

If you​ are a​ webmaster then you​ might have heard this bantered around quite often and you​ might have some idea of​ what it​ is. if​ you​ are not actively involved in​ your website or​ have had little exposure to​ the​ Internet then you​ probably have very little understanding of​ what SEO actually is. Your current knowledge level is​ not really an​ issue as​ SEO is​ something that very few people have chosen to​ learn and up skill themselves in. While it​ is​ not common knowledge and you​ are willing to​ learn there is​ a​ competitive edge that you​ can exploit. it​ means with some small modifications to​ your website that you​ can achieve higher results in​ search engines than your lesser SEO savvy competitors.

In this article I explain what SEO is​ and I take you​ through some of​ the​ most important Search Engine Optimisation techniques to​ help improve your website search engine rankings.

What is​ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
SEO is​ search engine optimisation. Essentially Search Engine Optimisation is​ the​ art of​ creating or​ modifying a​ website to​ make it​ search engine friendly. Search engines are the​ gateway to​ gaining huge amounts of​ website traffic. Imagine if​ you​ sold Blue Widgets,​ then placing as​ number 1 in​ a​ search for "Blue Widgets" would gain you​ far more traffic than placing number 100 - This should be obvious. to​ gain rankings and places in​ the​ search results your website needs to​ be better search optimised than the​ websites that are currently showing above yours in​ the​ search results. the​ more search engine friendly that your website is,​ then the​ greater the​ chance that the​ search engines will rank you​ more highly. By using certain SEO techniques you​ will increase your website in​ the​ rankings and hence increase your website traffic. This is​ why SEO is​ probably the​ most important thing about having a​ website - after all,​ you​ can have a​ very good website but what is​ the​ point if​ no one visits it​ and buys your product?

Search Engine Optimisation Techniques
SEO can be performed site wide but the​ way we do this is​ by using the​ same SEO techniques on​ each page one at​ a​ time. So although it​ is​ common to​ say a​ website is​ search engine optimised in​ fact we mean that each page of​ the​ website is​ search optimised. Okay,​ so it​ should be clear now that SEO for your website is​ vital for your websites success online. Now,​ the​ question is​ how do we start optimising a​ website? as​ there are so many SEO techniques that we could implement in​ this article I take you​ through the​ three that are generally considered the​ most important by SEO experts.

Search Engine Optimization Technique 1: Identifying Keywords and Key phrases
This step sets the​ scene for the​ web page we are about to​ optimise. We need to​ do some research using keyword tools,​ like Google Adwords and Overture Inventory keyword tools. Using these two tools we can input our main term used on​ the​ current page we are trying to​ optimise. We should record the​ results from these and then order by search volume. We then weed out any irrelevant terms and are left with a​ list of​ highly searched and highly relevant terms to​ this page.

Search Engine Optimization Technique 2: Titles
It is​ common opinion among SEO professionals that the​ Title of​ a​ webpage is​ the​ single most important SEO aspect of​ a​ webpage. the​ title of​ the​ webpage is​ the​ first thing a​ search engine views and tries to​ interpret. it​ is​ vital to​ ensure that the​ title is​ unique across your whole website and that it​ is​ highly related and relevant to​ the​ content of​ the​ webpage. We like to​ use between 4-10 words in​ the​ title tag and we always use the​ leftward rule. Leftward rule is​ where the​ most important words are closer to​ the​ left. in​ this case,​ the​ most highly searched on​ terms we identified in​ SEO technique 1.

Search Engine Optimization Technique 3: Duplicating Web Page Content
Often websites reproduce information that is​ copied from other websites. This is​ a​ very bad thing to​ do and search engines are so smart now that they check to​ duplicated content both within the​ same website and across all websites pages within their index. it​ is​ very important to​ ensure your website has unique content across the​ whole Internet. you​ can write unique articles or​ howto's or​ you​ can find someone who will write unique content for you. if​ you​ currently find that a​ lot of​ your pages are listed in​ the​ supplemental index on​ Google then making sure the​ titles,​ descriptions,​ meta keywords and all of​ your on​ page content is​ unique is​ how you​ would pull them out of​ the​ supplemental index.

This brings us to​ the​ end of​ the​ Introduction to​ Search Engine Optimisation. Having covered a​ few of​ the​ basics of​ SEO you​ should be well on​ track to​ having a​ few of​ your web pages optimised.

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