Introduction To Personal Web Hosting

So you've decided that you want to​ put a​ web page online. it​ could be about yourself, your family, a​ hobby you like or​ just a​ internet-brochure for​ a​ small business. Whatever the​ case, you've decided that the​ features and​ most importantly the​ cost of​ business web hosting is​ just too much and​ unnecessary in​ your case. Well, not to​ worry. Personal web hosting is​ the​ ideal solution.

Personal web hosting does not, in​ any way, imply that you get low quality hosting. These days, with CPU and​ storage prices so low, you can probably serve the​ needs of​ a​ medium-sized business with a​ personal web hosting plans. in​ fact, you should not even compare business vs personal web hosting because, technically speaking, the​ definitions are meaningless. the​ only major differences in​ web hosting plans are between shared hosting, such as​ most personal hosting accounts and​ some business hosting accounts, and​ dedicated servers, in​ which case you rent your very own server (yes, an​ actual machine) on the​ data center of​ a​ major hosting company.

Now that we've got this out of​ the​ way, bear in​ mind that the​ biggest challenge for​ the​ beginner web master is​ that personal web hosting plans usually have less technical support than business plans. of​ course, you can always use forums or​ just search engines to​ find the​ answers to​ your first problems or​ questions. and​ as​ a​ beginner web-master, you're unlikely to​ come across very sophisticated and​ challenging issues.

However, personal web hosting is​ not just about minor disadvantages to​ business web hosting. There is​ also a​ major advantage. Most personal hosting companies offer some type of​ website building interface as​ well as​ website templates, specifically designed and​ developed for​ small websites. Most of​ the​ times, you can change the​ complete look and​ feel of​ your site just by clicking a​ button on a​ web form. and​ it's become almost standard that these templates offer some sort of​ content management, user navigation (menus on the​ left, right or​ top) as​ well as​ libraries of​ pictures. So, for​ most people, this alone is​ enough to​ make them choose personal hosting plans rather than business plans, even if​ they're on the​ same price. in​ computers, it's not always less vs more, it's feature a​ vs. feature B. Always make sure you understand what your needs are before proceeding.

As a​ final note, don't forget to​ do your market research before you buy a​ personal web hosting plan. Especially if​ you choose to​ use an​ in-house website builder by the​ hosting company, it'll be impossible to​ migrate your site to​ a​ different host, should you find the​ specific company unreliable or​ unsupportive.

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