Intranet Implementation The Advantages Of A Web Based Solution

Intranet Implementation The Advantages Of A Web Based Solution

Intranet Implementation: the​ Advantages of​ a​ Web-Based Solution
The traditional approach to​ implementing an​ intranet is​ to​ purchase a​ software package, modify it​ for​ your needs, and​ install it​ on your system.
Over the​ past few years, another option has grown in​ popularity – the​ implementation of​ a​ web-based solution.
As you consider the​ choice between installed software and​ a​ web-based intranet, here are some considerations:
1 .​
The most important requirement of​ any intranet is​ that everyone uses it.
To assure broad-based participation, the​ intranet must be easy to​ implement, simple to​ use, cost-effective to​ maintain, and​ offer each individual user the​ power to​ post, access and​ use content in​ a​ way that serves their specific needs .​
In short, the​ intranet must have value to​ everyone.
Web-based intranets are designed around this concept .​
The interface and​ navigation are consistent with their use of​ the​ web – an​ environment in​ which they feel in​ control, using familiar tools.
In contrast, the​ business world is​ littered with countless elegant and​ feature-rich soft-ware based intranets that have failed .​
Why? Because they represented an​ alien environment into which the​ user was expected to​ venture .​
Few employees had the​ time or​ the​ interest (or courage) to​ enter, rendering the​ intranet impotent, with the​ powerful tools unused.
This is​ the​ plight of​ traditional, out-of-the-box software solutions .​
Unlike web-based intranets, they force users into a​ constrained environment requiring in-depth training, built around rules designed for​ the​ group, rather than the​ individual.
2 .​
Software intranets have unpredictable costs: in​ time, attention and​ money.
Software based solutions require extensive internal support .​
The ongoing expense in​ both staff time and​ money takes the​ focus of​ your IT group away from mission-critical tasks.
System integration, Implementation, maintenance, technology upgrades, training and​ user support are all on-going tasks that represent a​ significant, recurring investment .​
The cost can be substantial, far exceeding your initial license cost and​ monthly fee.
3 .​
Web-based intranets offer a​ predictable cost and​ cutting-edge technology.
Most web-based solutions offer a​ fixed monthly fee that covers all maintenance, technology upgrades, training and​ user support .​
The costs are predictable, the​ technology evolutionary, and​ it's all done with minimal involvement of​ your IT staff.
It's for​ these reasons that companies needing broad-based participation in​ a​ changing environment are choosing web-based intranets over traditional software solutions.

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